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The Blair Tits Project : Its been six years since Goldie Blair tossed her clothing at iSCOREi and jacked off cock in two Tits and Tugs videos. And now Goldie is back. Ive had so many fun experiences the past seventeen years of modeling, says Goldie who was born in Sussex, England and has resided in California for years.br br Goldie says she stays in shape with Zumba, Yoga, Insanity, water classes and Boot Camp hiking. She is also a competitive wrestler the last eight years. That must come in real handy in her domina and fetish role-playing. For hobbies, Goldie likes to go on motorcycle rides and hike with friends and dogs. Shes a real action babe!
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Big Boobs In The Sun : Maya Milano is a university student who discovered BeASCOREModel.com while surfing the net. Maya always wanted to model and was intrigued. She looked at the girls on iSCORELANDi and was impressed by the number and selection of international big boobed models she saw, such as Karina Hart, Natalie Fiore, Hitomi and so many more. It was at that moment that Maya decided she wanted to join the Big Show.br br I always get a lot of attention because of my breasts, so I thought, Why not? Maya said through a translator seen in the video Bella Milano.br br In this new video and photo set, Maya heads to a nearby park for a little outdoor relaxation. She stretches out on a blanket and enjoys the day while you enjoy her voluptuous body and beautiful face. When it gets too hot, a splash of H2O cools her off.
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The Sweet Body Of Lola Hot : Lola Hot is a cute, young, Czech-next-door and a recent debut at iSCORELANDi. Lolas new to modeling and before iSCOREi, had only done a few local lingerie and swimsuit shoots. Lola is a voluptuous college student who models on the weekends and was interested in glamour stuff at first. You know, photos of models looking off into the horizon and all covered up in some fancy-schmancy outfit. Top Model shit. Then she met us.br br Lola models when it doesnt interfere with her classes and studies. I always wanted sex with my teacher of mathematics, Lola confessed. Lola speaks Czech and German but little English. At first, she didnt seem the type to want to shoot full-sex XXX with men but she surprised everyone.br br When Lola saw her first iSCORELANDi solo videos in which she fingered her tight pussy-hole, she said, I play with myself at home, but I feel sexier doing this. I liked looking at the videos and pictures of myself afterwards and it got me excited again. I will play with myself when I am alone at home. But I would rather have a guy give me pleasure. I will masturbate thinking about that.br br I get a lot of attention because of my tits and my body, said Lola. So I thought that I should try modeling. Guys are always telling me that and asking if I am a model.br br In this scene, her second at SCOREVideos Prepared For Sex was her first, Lola gets home from a date with Matt and they retire to the couch. She is dressed like the typical hot, young chick heels, tight short-shorts, an open, tight shirt knotted at the waist.br br They start making out and Matt goes right for Lolas big, beautiful tits. Before you know it, hes got his cock in her mouth and shes sucking it like a lollipop. She even jacks him off herself into her mouth after he fucks her hard. We tell ya, these girls today. Sex is no big deal to them. Theyre not looking to get married. Theyre like guys. They want to fuck and have orgasms. If they dont have a boyfriend or a booty call, theyll whack one out themselves with a toy.br br I always get attention because of my breasts and I like it. My boobs grew big late. I was 18 years old. I love my tits because they make me feel like a woman.br br Amen to that, Lola.
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The Real Way To Pole Dance : JMac has just been served a drink by the stacked and sexy cocktail waitress Vanya Vixen at Big Girl Strip Club. Now Vanya asks if she can sit on his lap. No is what any hot babe will never hear from this dude.br br Vanya finds her happy seat and sticks her big tits in his face. She takes them out of her dress and JMac begins to squeeze and suck them. This pleases Vanya. She smiles and giggles as he feasts on her juicy jugs. She enjoys his loud boob-popping, licking and suction sounds. He bites them lightly, pulling gently on her nips. Her nipples harden to their mutual pleasure. They both lick the same nipple.br br Vanya is not wearing any panties. Jmac feels her smoothly shaved pussy. Vanya likes the touch of his fingers on her lips. She kneels before him and takes his prick out of his pants. Slowly licking and sucking his shaft and nut-bag with a wet mouth, Vanya makes love to his boner.br br Vanya stands up so he can slip her dress down. He bends her over the arm rest of the couch and puts his dick inside her pussy from behind. She assists his penetrative move by lifting an ass cheek. Once inside the Vixens wet snatch-hole, JMac switches to thrusting speed, reaching warp factor 1. Her sugar walls grip his ram-bone like a velvet vise. Its only the start as JMac gives Vanya one of the hottest fucks of her life.
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A Bunny Tale : G-spot stimulation is the most satisfying for me, Bunny Brooks says. Lots of penetration. Im more into penetration than clitoral stimulation. I love being fucked hard until I cum and then creampied. If I was having my way, the guy would usually cum in my pussy. That gets me off. I loved being fucked from behind, and I love riding a guys cock.br br Sex twice a week is good for me, if possible. Id do it more, but I cum so much during my cam shows that I pretty much manage to keep myself satisfied. Doggy style is a favorite so the guy can go really deep, and on top so I can control how deep he goes and the motion. I guess thats my dominant side.br br If youre already down there eating me out, I dont mind having a tongue pass over my butthole. If youre going to dive face-first into my ass, thats not really my thing, sorry. But if youre already down there, that feels good.
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SHE LOVES TO FUCK : We love when we get to watch big-tittied girls sucking fat cocks and getting their pussies stuffed. Whats that? You do, too? Thats weird. Well, youre going to love watching this scene from Autumn. You can tell that she loves letting loose on dick by the way she tries to fit it all deep into her mouth, puts on a mouth-watering pussy show and, last but not least, takes a huge load of cum on her pretty face. Oh yeah, shes a dirty girl. She even fingers and plays with the strings of cum splattered on her chin.
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Tits You Just Gotta See! : Youve probably heard the term must-see TV before. Well, when it comes to scrumptious, busty Anna Beck, we like to say shes got a pair of must-see titties. We still couldnt be more thrilled to have this 38G Czech chick back with us after a four-year hiatus. And though it still takes getting accustomed to, we absolutely love her new look. Her hair, now jet black, perfectly complements her milky white skin. And, if you hadnt noticed, her boobs have gotten bigger, too. A 38G-cupper when we met her, Annas boobs have now blossomed to fleshier, heavier M-cups.br br When Anna debuted, modeling was simply a change of pace and a naughty new adventure. Now, she has fully cast her nets in XLs ever-flowing waters of lusty, busty big girls. Shes even doing hardcore now. Youll have to wait a bit longer to see Anna finally pop her hardcore cherry, though. In the meantime, Anna is ready, willing and able to tease XL Men the world over with her cuddly curves, suckable boobs and tight, pink pussy.
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MILF of the Month : Our MILF of the Month is none other than Sally DAngelo, a tornado of sex. The silver-haired vixen loves to dress in low-cut, boob-revealing outfits and always wears porn-girl shoes. She and Rita Daniels like to team up and meet the fans at adult entertainment conventions where they draw a steady stream of guys of all ages packing hard-ons.br br This is Sallys first anal fuck at iSCOREi. Cock in her butt sends Sally over the moon and she is ready to give it up here. But before Sally can get hard dick in her ass, before she feels balls slapping against her butt cheeks, she wants to open up her booty in preparation so she takes her big pink anal toy and works it up her tush.br br As she stretches her winky, her legs in the air, Sally squeals and moans and says nasty things. One of Sallys talents is a dirty mouth. She could teach the younger girls a lesson or two. Her booty-call friend helps her out by taking over the ass-stretching chores and keeps plugging her. Its a pleasure to help a lady out.br br Sally would like to have some guy-meat in her throat while she toys her asshole so he pulls his pants down and feeds it to Sally. Then he fucks her big boobs. She sticks her long tongue out for cock-head as it reaches her face. A stream of dirty comments pour out of Sallys mouth as he drives his skin bus through her tit-tunnel. Sally is hornier than girls one-third her age.br br After Sally has her snatch shafted hard and fast, she wants him to fuck her ass. Taking his rod in her hand, she guides it up her butthole. Since Sallys bum has been opened by her assercises, his dick slides in smoothly. Now balls-deep in Sallys butt, he gives her the pumping action she craves and deserves.
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The Shy Girl Gets Ass-Fucked By Two Studs : Tahnee Taylor once told us, Im a shy girl, but I love getting fucked in my ass. Here, this 49-year-old gets fucked in her ass by two big-dicked studs. They take turns on her ass, and when one of the cocks isnt in her ass, its in her deep-sucking mouth.br br I love sucking cock while getting fucked in my ass, big-titted Tahnee said.br br This video is full of great moments, starting when Tahnee is on her knees and goes back and forth sucking the two cocks and continuing when one of the studs sticks one finger then a second in her asshole. While hes doing this, Tahnee is sucking the other dudes cock, and then the other dude sticks his finger in Tahnees pink cunt. So Tahnee has cock in her mouth and fingers in her pussy and asshole.br br Then the ass-fucking begins, and Tahnee takes it hard and deep. She might be shy, but she doesnt shy away from a hard ass pounding. Finally, the guys shoot their loads in Tahnees mouth, and Tahnee proudly sticks out her tongue to show us all of the cum she collected.br br Shy? We need to meet more shy women like Tahnee.
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A Load On Her Braces : Natalie needs to do some research for a project, but once the TA has his lips locked around her nips and his hand in her panties it aint happening any time soon! This metal-mouth cutie doesnt seem to be too worried about that when her tongue is tracing the length of his shaft. She strokes him and takes him as far down her throat as she can. Obviously those braces dont get in the way of her cock-sucking skills. Natalie starts off this fuckfest by getting on all fours and taking it from behind. We see her pussy gripping his cock as it slides in and out. She moans and eggs him on to pound her harder and fill her deeper until she finally gets a load all over her tongue and braces.
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Top Heavy Table Topper : Ann Calis is a newcomer ready to take on the big-boobed world and she has the all-natural assets to do it. She is another great import from Bucharest in Romania, land of the buxom and the ultra-voluptuous.br br Modeling for iSCOREi is very exciting, said Ann. Many think she is the personification of the ideal Voluptuous Girl. I had never thought of doing anything like this before. I love it and I want to do more. My friends always said nice things about my body and my big boobs. I love to dress in sexy clothes, show my tits, and masturbate with my toys. This is the right time for me.br br My favorite way to relax is to go to a resort by the sea during late spring and summer and spend a few days enjoying the beach, sightseeing and having nice meals. I have a list of countries I would like to visit.
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Denim Queen : Barbie Baja is a jean queen in denim and thigh-high, four-inch boots that showcase her lovely gams. She loves to suck on the heels of her shoes and on her red-polished toes while she lets you watch her cum. But it is not just about her release, because Barbie wants you to offer your tribute to her toes. I love it when a man cums all over my feet, says Barbie. When a lady asks, you should oblige. Perhaps you should coat her lovely size 7 12 feet, gentlemen.
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Jiggling Jola : Bespectacled Jola can take dictation. Her mouth was all over the dicks of her new porn-cock friends in her XLGirls hardcore videos. They were her first scenes and they will not be her last. The tigress in Jola has been unleashed.br br Jola was hot and randy even before deciding to try her talents at boy-girl action. I have had sex in a stadium during a soccer match, Jola told our make-up artist. No one saw us and I was nervous that we would get caught and asked to leave. That did not happen and we both came. It was a very nice time!br
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Afternoon With A Cutie Pie : It had to have hurt when this hottie fell from heaven. Ms. Harley Ann boasts a warm, angelic smile that could melt the ice caps, cuddly curves we would love to get lost in and a pair of 40DD tits perfect for cupping, nipple tugging and motorboating. Yeah, Harley has everything we, the Brotherhood of XL Men, want in a woman. Shes a cutie pie, a little slice of full-figured heaven. And underneath her innocent exterior, lies a girl who loves fucking as much as we do.br br Ive been told Im very talented at giving blowjobs, she told us. I love watching BDSM, but Ive never done it and would love to try. Id also like to be part of a gangbang one day. Id want to start with something small first. Like a threesome with two guys.br br Were sure it wouldnt be hard to find a couple of guys willing to share this cutie pie.
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Bikini Buster : Seeing ultra-Voluptuous Marie Leone wearing a bikini is an eye-opener. Those big boobs are like man-magnets. Marie must own the beach when she spends a day there, her 34J hooters basically spilling out of a bikini. After Marie enjoys skinny dipping in the pool, she heads back into the house for a relaxing rub-out, spanking her cares away.br br Lets talk about dating with Marie, an auto shop employee in California.br br Marie, do you have sex on the first date?br br Well, I always have sex on the first date. Before anybody judges me, I would like to point out that I do not plan for it to happen. It just happens. So if anybody wants to have sex on the first date, go for it. Its always smart to try something on before you get it. Well, thats what my grandma always told me. But it is also smart sometimes to wait to see if the guy or girl is really the one you want to share yourself with.br br Have you seen your iSCORELANDi videos that you did on your first visit?br br I did scenes called Busting In The Babe and Maid For Anal. Yes, I saw them. Over and over again! My fianc and I watched them together while I went down on him.br br Now thats a lucky man.
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The British Are Cumming : The British are indeed cumming whenever this hot chick bares all. Dressed impeccably as always, and always wearing something that shows off her spectacular slim and stacked hourglass figure, Lily Madison is a sexy traffic-stopper. Lily spanks it hard in this fresh scene.br br How does Lily let someone know she likes him?br br Im not afraid to make the first move, says Lily. Ill hold his hand. Try to kiss him. If I like a guy, Ill let him know it. No sense waiting around.br br What should a guy not do to show his interest? Make her laugh.br br Well, he probably shouldnt try to put his face in my boobs, which has happened before. Guys have said, Can I put my face in your boobs? They shouldnt do that. If you can make me laugh, you have a chance. I like guys with a good sense of humor.br
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The After Shots : As promised, this video shows Kim Douglas shaving her legs, arms and twat. Some guys find the process of stripping down, lathering up and going smooth a huge turn on, so we asked Kim to walk us through the process. She talks a bit about whether or not guys like her bush, why shes shaving it off and what its like to lose her mane. Plus, you get to see her big tits shining from the cream, her newly uncovered pussy lips and her smiling face! She might not be a Bush Baby any longer, but we love Kim just the same.
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The Pool Pump : Here to dispel the notion that iSCOREi and Voluptuous magazines and iSCORELANDi are a guys club thing are actual girlfriends and wives of iSCOREi readers and website members who have become models here. This is the tip of the iceberg. There are no doubt many more main squeezes who enjoy the entertainment without becoming models. We have given the guided tour to numerous couples over the years but the wives or girlfriends dont want to model or they cant for career reasons. Like Kelly Christiansen, Barbie Kelley took the plunge. And she went all the way, getting it on with stunt-cocks. We spoke to the Kelleys--separately and together.br br Barbie and Markbr br How did the idea of Barbie modeling for iSCOREi come about?br br bBarbie and Mark From day one in our relationship, the day when Voluptuous, iSCOREi, or XL Girls came in the mail we would look at it together. It was often, if not always foreplay for us. It was something we talked about very early on.bbr br How long did it take to decide to apply to iSCOREi?br br bBarbie and Mark When we first submitted pictures to iSCOREi, I Barbie was nervous about doing video so you guys passed on me. A year or so later someone at iSCOREi asked again and by then the idea wasnt nearly as scary so, here I am...bbr br Who are some of your mutually favorite iSCOREi Girls?br br bBarbie and Mark Renee Ross, Arianna Sinn, Linsey Dawn McKenzie Mark says I look like her, and Sha Rizell is amazing.bbr br Do you show the photos and videos to select friends or do you keep it separate from your personal circle?br br bBarbie and Mark We dont show them to everyone but there are certain special friends that get to see her videos.bbr br Have you met any iSCOREi or V-mag Girls?br br bBarbie and Mark Yes we have. We met Zeta Verrone and her husband at a lifestyle meet and greet. We also met Sheridan Love in Las Vegas at the AVN Adult Video Expo. She had her booth full of iSCOREi products and we must say, she is even prettier in person! Also when we were out for my first shoot, Sasha Juggs was filming at the same time.bbr br What do you think of the iSCOREi Readers Wife theme thats been discussed in the magazine and on the iSCORELANDi Blog?br br bBarbie and Mark We are guessing that this is a fantasy of most, if not all, iSCOREi fans who have well endowed wives.bbr
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Daytime Lay : Daylene Rio is the type of girl you skip your lunch break for to go grab a quick daytime lay. Especially since shes got a healthy helping of HH cup breasts with a phat side of buns that can satisfy any mans appetite.br br Our stud Tony Rubino is a man who always has an appetite, and Daylene knows exactly what to do with this type of guy.br br Oh, you want me to twerk on that ass? Daylene teases. You want that ass?br br Tony starts by taking hearty bites into Daylenes ripe rump, but thats just the appetizer for them both. Daylene is hungry, too and she pulls out Tonys man meat and shoves it all the way down her throat.br br Daylene gets Tonys cock nice and slick after her sloppy blowjob. Which is perfect for her extra-tight cunt. Tony smashes Daylenes pussy from the side to begin, before she decides to hop on top and work his stiff cock herself. A true dick jockey, Daylene twerks and pops her ass so hard she looks like she could break Tonys pelvis. This isnt his first big booty rodeo, though. He can handle a donk like this, and he bends Daylene over and fucks her face down, ass up. When Tony is finally done, he shoots his load all over her phat ass.
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Epic Sex : In the understatement of the year, Amerie Thomas asks, Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to stick your cock between my tits? Amerie sinks her fingers into her soft breast flesh as she says this, staring at you. Only a crazy man would say no to this succulent redhead.br br Rubino is glued to Ameries ample ass, rubbing her well-cushioned cheeks as she says this. His hands reach up to touch her big tits. He stands to sink his face into her great divide. A man can get lost between Ameries boobs. Ameries tits are jiggled and squeezed, her nipples licked and sucked.br br They climb into bed. He pulls his pants down so Amerie can get down on his joint and get to sucking it. Amerie is a verbal blow job artist, adding lip-smacking and other sounds of satisfaction as her mouth does its magic. This always adds to the excitement. His pole immediately stiffens, ready for a visit inside her pussy.br br Before that happens, Amerie wants to tit-fuck him. She wraps her hot hooters around his cock, then sucks him some more. Whats a tit-fuck without the girl beneath you on her back? Amerie lays back for a boob-banger.br br Its time to fuck that pussy, Ameries booty call whispers. Their epic sex continues. They get it on, hard, fast and pounding. The bed holds up but from all the bouncing going on, it seems more like a trampoline! What a piece of ass! Thank you, Amerie Thomas.br
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34J Babydoll Tapped On A Table : On this day, Marie is pranking Carlos, hiding his keys so he can go crazy. In the pictorial of this scene, coming soon to Voluptuous magazine, Marie gets fucked on top of a coffee table in the living room where she hid his keys. In this video version, Marie and Carlos head upstairs instead to fuck on a soft bed, a lot more comfortable surface for this super-chesty auto shop employee from California and great discovery.br br Marie Leone likes to tease guys. Thats cool. You gotta love a teaser especially when she ultimately becomes a pleaser. Last time, Marie talked to the director about her background, met a porn-cock and shoved her big tits in his face, then let him fuck her good. This time, once Maries prank is caught, theres all action, no chit-chatting.br br As soon as Marie gets fed Carlos porn-cock, they go wild on each. He does what so many guys want to do since they first saw Marie at SCORELAND and SCOREVideos and thats to stick their dicks between Maries massive boobs and fuck them.br br Marie gets fed more cock. She sucks it beautifully, leaving spit strings. She whimpers quietly, waiting for Carlos to impale her in a missionary position first before she gets fucked in other positions. She wants that shaft deep inside her pussy.br br Did Marie get into adult modeling to get big porn-cock? Its a question to ask her in the future. Some girls have told us thats the reason, like red-head Desiree The Creamy Redhead and The Black Buttmaster, The Big-Titted Girl In Gold Boots, and other horny SCORE videos. They cant get porn-pro, performance-oriented fucks and large dicks from the guys they date back home so they get into adult modeling to meet super-studs.br br Marie didnt need to hide Carlos keys to drive him crazy. Her huge jugs and unusually super-voluptuous body drove him crazy. She hid his keys so he hid his boner in her pussy. Its tit for tat.br
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Encounter With The SuperVixen : Amy Anderssen chats with iSCOREi magazines editor and then shows you exactly why she is so super-popular. Amy is part of Generation Nexxxt, inspired by the iSCOREi superstars of the Big 90s.br br I like my tits and my ass equally because both can get played with very well, and they just turn me on. I love when my tits get sucked and I love when Im getting fucked in doggy. My ass is just bouncing on the guys cock, and its so sexual and horny. It gets me really wet.br br I had only A-cups growing up. I was very athletic. I used to play basketball and workout a lot. Thats how I spent most of my time to stay out of trouble. I was very flat-chested, and I remember that I went into a hair salon one day, and for the first time in my life, I saw this woman with big, fake breasts, and I remember looking at her and thinking, This is the most-beautiful woman Ive ever seen. I wanna look like her.br br So as soon as I hit 18, I got a part-time job working at the 7-Eleven convenience store. I saved up $5,000, and I went to a plastic surgeon and said, Put the biggest implants that you can put in me. It was December 17. I was 18 years old. I didnt tell my mom. I just knew what I wanted. I did some research online, I went into the surgeons office and I woke up and said, How big? And he said, The biggest I could fit was 385ccs. I had gone to a D-cup. I remember going to my moms place and I walk in and she looks at me and says, You did your boobs, and I went, Yup. They looked great. They looked beautiful. I was so happy, and I asked the surgeon, When can I go bigger? That was my first question.br
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Party Girl Interview : Sometimes we just want to watch a beautiful amateur girl strip naked and finger-fuck herself. Other times, we want to talk to that girl and get to know her a little bit. Then we want her to strip and finger-fuck herself. Thats what happened with Amber Marie. She talks a little bit about what turns her on, what she likes to do on the weekends and how to get her in bed. Then she gets naked and shows us what positions make her cum.
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A Toast To Big Happy Boobs : Heres to big girls with big boobs and big sexual appetites! Those are just a few of the things we love about the lovely Isabella Grazzi. But what we love most about her is that she just cant seem to keep her hands off herself, and her heavy 34FFF tits in particular. She doesnt waste any time freeing her plush naturals from the confinement of her blue dress. Her pink nipples are already fully-erect and ready for a good sucking. But Isabella is the type that enjoys a bit of build up. She licks one of her fingers and strokes her left nipple a bit first. Then she bangs her tits against each other and bounces them a bit.br br Oh, these big titties, she says. Do you like watching me play with these big titties? Do you want to suck on them?br br Isabella knows the answer to those questions, but like we said, shes a tease.br br I want your hard cock deep inside me, she continues. My pussy is so wet, tight and warm right now.br br We would love to find out for ourselves, but watching her stroke her pussy is a pretty good treat. Her massive mammaries quiver with every stroke and pleasure washes over her face as her moans grow.br br I just want that dick in my pussy, she says again.br br Soon, she pushes herself to an orgasm.br br Oh, I want you to cum with me, baby, she commands. I want you to fucking cum!br br As sexy as she is, Isabella wont have to ask any XL Man twice.
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Bikini Strip : Its the first time at iSCORELANDi for Tori Karsin, a grey-eyed bikini blonde from Houston, Texas. Tori found out about iSCOREi through Twitter.br br Wearing a bikini that looks like dental floss, especially from the back, Tori chats with the cameraman for a minute before she walks to the pool, takes off her bottoms, kicks off her heels and peels off her top.br br Tori skinny-dips for a few minutes, walks back into the house naked, dries off and gets off on the floor, giving her pussy a good spanky. I masturbate daily, says Tori. At least once. Most of the time, more than that.br br Toris all-time favorite job was being a stripper. Houston has been loaded with clubs for decades and Tori has her pick. She likes to go to exotic dance clubs for fun and relaxation also.br br I love to go to titty bars. I love to be in that type of atmosphere, listening to the music, watching the dancers performing, watching their effect on the guys. Sex is always in the air. It turns me on.br br It was an absolute blast to be shooting for iSCORELANDi and I cant wait to see the final pictures and videos we worked on.br br Thank you, Tori Karsin.br
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Cum In The Sun : Charli starts off in a schoolgirl uniform--we know you guys like that. Shes locked out of her house and stuck on the porch, but that doesnt stop her from lifting her skirt, unbuttoning her shirt and letting her hands wander her body. First she rubs her pussy through her white cotton panties--you can see the outline of her clam as she gets wetter and wetter. After stroking her pretty innie slit shes had enough of her clothes and takes them all off. Now that shes totally nude she can cum under the hot Miami sky.
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Samantha Rays Three-Way : When I was about 18 years old, I was in the front seat of a very old Suburban and found myself on top of my now-husband, 46-year-old Samantha Ray recalled. He was putting his big cock in my pussy for the first time. It scared me but I really loved it.br br Here, Samantha Ray enjoys getting fucked by two studs. They take turns on her mouth and pussy. They cum all over her face, dousing her with cum.br br One time in St. Maarten, I didnt know my husband started the camera. We were just playing with our friends. It started out with my girlfriend and me playing. She really turned me on, and it ended up with her husband fingering me so good, I just couldnt stop cumming. It still makes me hot to this day to watch it.br br Will Samantha Ray go home and watch this scene?br br Definitely. With my husband. Im going to suck his cock while we watch.br br Samantha, a tall, blonde beauty, is worth watching. Enjoy. Her husband will.
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A Study In Brook : Brook Ultra is a little kinky. Well, maybe a lot kinky. But shes still a slim n stacked hottie-next-door. But Brook doesnt look kinky, at least not at first sight. No one who saw Brook working out in Miami South Beach Hot Body would ever think that Brook is into being restrained, punished, tied-up and all that stuff. She doesnt have the Goth fetish look associated with bondage and discipline and sado-masochism.br br Brooks into whips and ball-gags. And spreader bars are awesome. I think everyone should invest in a spreader bar. A spreader bar is a bar you put between your legs so you cant close them. Its very beneficial for both parties.br br Im submissive. Im not dominant at all. I like being tied up. I like a guy to tease me a little bit but then fuck the shit out of me really, really hard. Theres no shortage of guys who are eager to do that!br br Brooks debut print magazine is December 14 iSCOREi.br
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Busting Out Of The Net : One of the best things about shooting with a girl like Jennica Lynn is helping her bring some of her naughty fantasies to life. In helping her fulfill her risque urges, XL Men worldwide get some of their favorite fantasies fulfilled. Today, Jennica, who is typically as sweet a girl as youll ever meet, wants to explore a more sexual, bad girl side of herself.br br I always wanted to try a really sexy look, Jennica tells our stylist. You know, like big hair and crazy makeup. I want to give the photographers a really good time.br br We think any time you spend with this Swedish M-cupper is a good time, so we couldnt have been happier to oblige. Its Jennica as youve never seen her before when shes done getting dolled up. With fiery red lipstick-kissed lips, her naturals pouring out of an overmatched bra, a red fishnet outfit accentuating every inch of her curves and childbearing hips, Jennica takes to being a naughty girl with ease. She has always been playful... a real tease, and she does just that as she fondles her heavy tits in front of the mirror.br br Look at me, she says. Im such a sex kitten.br br Jennicas moans and purrs grow by the second as she explores her curves, and her pussy is already dripping wet when she takes her panties off and strokes her clit. Stroking herself harder and harder, this sex kittens moans grow from purrs into the roars of a lusty lioness as she pushes herself to a climax.br br Oh, I needed that, Jennica says with a sigh of relief as she comes down from her climax.br br So did we, Jennica.
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Horny Hire : I dont hire just any man for the job. He has to be tough and strong, but also have the intuition to know when to be suave and gentle. The best way to test them is to see how they suck my toes and fuck my pussy. It also lets me know how well they take direction. This guy was definitely a shoe-in, pun intended. He tongue-bathed my stinky tootsies without hesitation, then gave my pussy the drilling it was craving.
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Red Hot Kitty : Everything is red today. Kitty McPhersons dress. Her lipstick. Her hair, of course. As we meet Kitty again, shes on the couch and talking to XLGirls about one of her favorite things to do masturbate.br br Kitty says she masturbates several hours a day. Thats quite a bit there, Kitty. Then again, girls have a seemingly limitless capacity for masturbating and cuming compared to guys.br br And after the chat, Kitty is ready to spank her hot kitty again. Shes brought along Hob. Thats hand operated boyfriend. Hes a big chap, fills Kitty up and lights up her life.br br Kitty really gives Hob a work-out plunging it into her fast and hard while another hand tickles her clit or squeezes one of Kittys big boobs. The cum-cream begins to leak out of Kittys pussy as she approaches O-face time. Kitty sticks Hob in her mouth to suck and taste her kitty juices.br br It wont be long before Kitty gets horny again....
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Two Busty Girls : The timing was perfect. Sheridan Love was visiting iSCOREi. Holly Brooks was visiting iSCOREi. They were eager to get it on after meeting each other in the girls dressing room. Holly loves big boobs. Sheridan loves big boobs. They both love sexy, beautiful, busty girls and they appreciate all of the girls who get naked on-camera. Their attraction was instantaneous and powerful.br br We quickly found the time and place for their big date. Sheridan had been shopping at a local mall for bras and hot chick clothing, naturally so their scene starts off with Sheridan excitedly showing Holly her new girlie treasures.br br Sheridan and Holly help each other try on some of the bras and that alone gives them lady boners. They want to kiss, squeeze and touch. Tongues, fingers and lips get busy on hard nipples and hard clits. The scent and sound of sex fills the room. Theyll be tweeting about this for some time to cum.br br One new thing was added to their girl-on-girl party. It could be called a toy. A smart phone that the girls used to take pictures of their tits-and-pussy-smash in progress while the iSCOREi cameras rolled. Todays girls are all connected, online, Tweeting and taking and posing selfies and Sheridan and Holly are at the head of this parade of picture-taking. They snapped shots of their nips and lips in progress. This is where technology is taking everyone. Now Holly and Sheridan can look at the photos they took and this scene while they play with themselves at home. Thank you, Holly and Sheridan.
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Bikini Cat : Both of my parents are from Puerto Rico and I was born in Boston. Im a true Bostonian. I still live there, says Cat Bangles.br br Tigerr Benson. Cat Bangles. Theyre both pussies galore. Sexy Cat is back, this time in a bikini. She dances at poolside, bouncing her big natural boobs and twerking her fantastic ass. Cat looks killer in a bikini. After her boner-inspiring dance, she heads inside to spank her wild pussy. Very horny and high-energy and very interactive, Cats a sex superstar in everything she does. She can just walk down the street and freeze people in their tracks. She actually did that during a visit to Miami in the Bonus video and photo set called Cats Coconuts.br br My big tits are thirty-six DDD, and they are all mine, explains beautiful Cat. This is what eating your vegetables gets you. Im not a vegetarian. I love meat. I like a nice piece of steak now and then but Im very big on health. I love fruits and trying exotic foods. Cat applied to iSCOREi last year, then tried again this year. My boobs grew another cup size since then. I was a 36DD, and I grew a cup size. And now Im here.
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Helping Her Boyfriend : Nikki is so nice. Sure, shes hot and her 21-year-old body is lithe and fuckable, but shes so devoted to her boyfriend, youve got to respect that the most. For instance, her guy is thinking about becoming a videographer, so she strips on-camera to help him practice his shots. What a girl. She doesnt hold anything back, stripping off her shirt, bra, panties and fingering her juicy wet pussy until the sounds of her gushing slit are drowning out the microphone. Hes going to need more practice if he wants a career behind the camera. She, on the other hand, is perfect and doesnt need any more practice at what she does.
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Busty Asian Cum Swallower : Tigerr Bensons reputation as a wild pussycat precedes her. Sex makes her purr. She is a cock-worshipper from the word go. In her first iSCOREi hardcore scene, beautiful Tigerr is paired with stud Neeo. He manhandles Tigerrs big boobs and sucks her pointy nipples hard. Tigerr kneels, offering her cleavage for his stiffie to slide between. He alternates between fucking Tigerrs tits and filling her throat.br br Tigerr spreads her sexy legs so she can get her pierced snatch licked and finger-banged. She takes his fingers and sticks them in her mouth to suck on, then grabs hold of his prick and pulls on it, letting him know that its time to fuck her. He pumps Tigerr hard in missionary, then pulls out.br br Tigerr gets on her hands and knees and sucks his cock hands-free as he stands. She holds still while he fucks her face in that pose. Neeo wants some more of that Asian pink and puts her on his lap so she can bounce on his dick.br br Tigerr licks and tit-fucks Neeo some more and then stands and turns her back to him. She bends forward from the waist, ready to get impaled from behind. He seizes Tigerrs wrists behind her back, grabs a handful of boob and rams her hard. Hold that Tigerr!br br Rough, high-energy sex is Tigerr Bensons middle name. Thank you, Tigerr.
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Everythings Bigger In Texas : Whoever said everythings bigger in Texas must have met the aptly named Mz. Booty. This chick from the Lone Star state has lovely lady lumps that even make us, the worlds foremost ass connoisseurs, do double and triple takes.br br An ass like this deserves the biggest of cocks, which is why we deployed our boy Shane Diesel. Mz. Bootys buns weighs a ton, and Shanes got a ton of cum ready to glaze it for her.br br After a little booty play and munching on her pussy, Shane stuffs his huge cock inside of Mz. Booty doggystyle. Mz Booty then hops on top for a bit before Shane cant hold on any longer and shoots a torrent of man-juice on her rump.br br This is what we call a Texas-sized fuck.
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Hittin The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie : Seeing Amy Anderssen jerk a hard cock with her own sweet hand until it explodes cum into her mouth which then oozes on her huge hooters, is one of the highlights of Hittin The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie.br br But lets backtrack. A computer nerd has been asked by Amy to fix her computer at work. This is a great fantasy for any guy who ever worked in the IT department and dreamed of banging a co-worker with big tits. Actually, big is not the word for Amy Anderssen. Giant, fucking knockers is more appropriate.br br If youre not a geek in an IT department, you could fast-forward right away to the cock-sucking but why not enjoy Amys tight cardigan show that opens this video? She looks incredible.br br iSCOREi veterans may remember Amy from 2007 when she first appeared in iSCOREi magazine. She did not look like she does now. Back then she was Jayna James. She was a Canadian blonde with a hot body and big, but smaller, boobs.br br I was totally different, Amy recalled. I had way smaller breasts. I think then I was around 900ccs. I was totally blond. I used to wear blue contacts. I used to always use spray tans. That was basically what was happening seven years ago. I was playing that part seven years ago, and now Im going with my natural hair color, my natural eye color and I do less tanning. Now, Amy has 2000ccs worth of tits and she loves them. She admires the classic iSCOREi Girls of the 1990s.br br Amy wasnt the sexy hottie she is now when she was growing up. I didnt know about sex and guys. Porn grew me up and increased my sexuality and helped me discover myself and what I want. It took time to get there. When I was 26, I knew what I wanted sexually, but it took years. I didnt know how to have sex. I didnt know what to do with a dick. I didnt know what lube was. Now I have moves. I know how to play with it and jump on it and make it good for me. Seeing is believing! Now Amy sucks cock hands-free, gags, drools and fucks like a hurricane.br br Amy also has hardcore and solo videos at iSCORELANDi including a jet ski video shot in Miami that is super-cool. She handled the jet ski like a racer even though it was her first time. Everything this girl does, from handling a wave runner to hard wood, is A-list!
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Strip Search : Alana Lace, a huge hit with T and A men, confesses her little secrets. Things that get her wet and sticky between her hot legs. I like to look in peoples windows and catch them having SEX. She emphasizes the word SEX. Naughty, naughty, Alana.br br One time I looked out my window and I saw my neighbors, and they were, like, having sex. And then he was tying her up and she was sucking his dick. They were going at it and he was fucking her intensely. My boyfriend came in and saw me peeking out the window. We were both getting turned on and he started playing with my tits. He took off my shirt and we started having sex, the best sex I ever had. It was so amazing, I cant even tell you.br br Alana recreates that moment. She walks into the bedroom and peeps out the window. She sees something good across the way. A couple fucking in their bedroom? Alana pulls one huge boob out of her blouse and fondles it. Shes hot and wants some of that action. But theres no need for Alana to walk over, knock on their door and ask to join in because Rubino walks into the bedroom.br br They both peep out the window then fall into bed. They must feed the need. Rubino feasts on Alanas big boobs and nipples. Alana loves getting her jugs worshipped and sucked. She reaches for his junk. Its time to get totally nude. The first thing Rubino has to do after he fingers Alanas wet clam, is stick his sausage between those great, big beautiful hooters.
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Happy Hour : Every hour spent checking Daylene Rio out is a happy hour! Today is cocktail time. Daylenes tight dress is barely able to withstand the stress.br br What does Daylene want a guy to do to her to give her a happy hour? What does she do to give a guy a happy hour?br br I want him to give me a good massage from head to toe and to kiss my entire body. I like to wake up a man with a good blow job, then sex, and after that I will cook breakfast for him! The perfect babe!br br What makes Daylene laugh most of all?br br I love comedy movies and someone who can be himself and be a little goofy, not so serious or uptight.br br Whats the best part of being a beautiful woman?br br Being sensitive, sensual and the ability to have multiple orgasms!
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The Vixenator : Vanya Vixen has many talents. Modeling. Photography. Arts and crafts. Horseback riding. And one of our favorite talents which is a girl being able to suck on her own nipples. Is there a nicer sound than the lip-smacking sounds of a mouth and tongue on a pair of big boobs? Vanyas big 38DD tits are very pliable. But dont take our word for it. You can see it and hear it in this XLGirls video.br br Vanya tosses her top, jeggings and panties to the side and spreads wide for your inspection. She dips a finger into her pink coochie, then finds a big plaything to stick all the way in. After she bakes her cookies, Vanya puts the fat dildo in her mouth and tastes her own girl-juices. Beautiful.br br Be here on August 1st when Vanya gets another pole to play with.
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From Shy to Squirting : Linda starts off a little shy in this scene, but that changes once this guy starts sucking on her tits. Her sexuality blossoms like a flower under the ministrations of his tongue and fingers, and soon shes slurping up his cock. Linda hops on top and rides his cock with her cotton panties still on--I like to get them wet with my juices so I can smell them later. And when it comes to juices, Linda is queen. You may remember from her last video, shes a squirter. Although she takes her panties off before she can spray them, we still appreciate that stream of pussy juice that erupts from her pussy. It rivals the stream of cum she gets all over her chest!
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The big-titted MILF takes on a big cock : Do you really think my breasts have gotten bigger? and 820049-year-old MILF Tahnee Taylor said when she returned to our studio. Im still wearing the same-size bras.br br Yeah, and 8200we said, but do they really fit?br br She thought about that for a second and said, You may have a point. Whatever, theyre big.br br Really big. At least DDD-cups. Maybe larger.br br I just find a bra that fits and wear it, Tahnee explained. I and 8200usually dont even look at what size it is.br br In this scene, Tahnee has the good fortune of being paired with JMac, a big-cocked cocksman who really loves big tits. He sucks on them hard and long, and she likes it. She also licks her own tits.br br But, because at 40SomethingMag.com we appreciate all parts of a womans body, JMac also fingers her asshole. Then Tahnee sucks his cock, and this time were lookig up at her big tits and dick-sucking mouth. She wraps her huge naturals around his cock, then gets ready to be fucked hard by big cock. Of course, when JMac fucks Tahnee from behind, her tits jiggle like crazy. And when he piledrives her shaved pussy, her tits avalanche back into her face.br br Where does he cum? On her tits, of course. Theyre big targets.
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A Busty Angel Has Landed : I like to play with myself especially when Im alone at home, says Barbara Angel, a newcomer at Voluptuous who has huge, gorgeous, veiny all-naturals with wide areolae. The stacked brunette uses fingers, shower heads or vibrators in her pussy when the mood hits and thats often. I like to use my fingers best.br br Barbara had never modeled before in her life so this is her first experience. Shes not shy whatsoever. My boobs started to grow when I was 14 years old. As I grew older, guys began to notice me and try to speak to me. Now that I am 24, I get even more attention. One guy told me that he almost suffocated because of my breasts. Fortunately for him, he lived.br br Barbara likes fun, easy-going dates. A good dinner, good wine and a good movie. I enjoy the normal things in life.
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Shaves For Your Pleasure : Cum watch Samantha Steele put on a leg show that will blow your load! This voluptuous vixen showcases her legs in the private setting of her bathroom, then she shaves for your pleasure. If watching her care for her stems isnt enough, she does a horny, toe-wiggling masturbation display that will have you begging for mercy. Samantha Steele will turn your cock to steel. Its that simple.
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Wet Tee Time : Its time for a nice soapy bath for Kelli Maxx. Her wet T-shirt sticks to her beautiful body like a second skin. That stream of water pouring out of the faucet is too tempting so she spends quite a bit of time with her pussy and her big boobs right under the stream.br br Kelli has some other erotic masturbation techniques. I love waking up and masturbating in bed with my wet fingers and a nice cold glass dildo. Kelli chills her toy in her refrigerator. Glass toys should be made of medical-grade Borosilicate glass.br br Sexual fantasies? A threesome with two other busty babes, please! Ive only kissed girls. Im waiting for the day when I can finally have sex with one. Maybe you guys can see it at XLGirls.com?
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Magnificent Maya : Add Maya Milano to the list of candidates for next years V-mag Newcomer of the Year contest. She is a gorgeous brunette discovered in Europe during our never-ending model quest. Chalk up another victory for Europe in the international natural boobs race.br br Mayas hobbies are makeup, dancing, playing billiards and photography. Shes not a sports fan and has no favorite teams. She works-out sometimes.br br Maya was not a late bloomer in the boobs department. Her breasts developed in her teen years. She always wears a bra and likes to wear tops and dresses that show a lot of cleavage, like the clothes she wears in her debut photos and video. She needs to be fitted by a bra-maker because she cant find bras that fit and feel comfortable.br br Maya enjoys the modeling experience. But she goes to school, so she cant model as much as she would like. We hope to see more of Maya Milano!
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Boobs, Bump and Booty In A Body Stocking : Its getting very close to special delivery time. Natalie Fiores baby bump is looking bigger and bigger. Her big tits are beyond big, they are totally gigantic. They are more and more sensitive says Natalie. Her pussy is ultra-sensitive. A stiff breeze sends waves of pleasure through her body.br br The brain of the boob man short circuits at the sight of Natalies colossal cleavage, her hugely hefty hooters. For this occasion, Natalies bought a new outfit to wear in this scene, Boobs, Bump and Booty In A Body Stocking.br br Natalies gift of chat is as sexy and as erotic as always. Her accented English adds additional spice. Shes always had a hot mouth and it seems that pregnancy has enhanced her horny talk.br br The sheer sight of her breasts resting on her belly bump as she lays back on the couch is beyond amazing. Enjoy and relish every second now because Natalie is approaching childbirth.
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Inspired By SCORE Magazine : Curiosity about a iSCOREi Man and his wife led to a Q and A session with both Barbie Kelley and her husband. He is a longtime reader and wanted to see his wife in iSCOREi. His dream, and hers, came true. They contacted BeASCOREModel.com last year and when they were in town again just recently, they returned for another visit. One of Barbies layouts appears in December 2014 iSCOREi magazine.br br Barbie, when you first read iSCOREi and saw the models, did you think you could do that also?br br bBarbie I certainly was interested in modeling for iSCOREi, but kept telling myself there are so many ladies to choose from I wasnt sure if I would make the cut.bbr br Who are some of your favorite iSCOREi models and why?br br bBarbie Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Sha Rizel and Karina Hart are the top three that come to mind. I guess you could say I have a soft spot for the busty brunettes.bbr br Had you ever modeled professionally or exotic-danced before?br br bBarbie I have never done either and I have shot exclusively with iSCOREi. I am college-educated and live a fairly normal life. I just have a naughty side and iSCOREi has helped quench that thirst.bbr br Where did you meet Mark? How long have you been married?br br bBarbie I actually met Mark at a dive bar where a bunch of people would meet for weekly motorcycle rides. Both Mark and I enjoy the freedom of two wheels.bbr br Do you read iSCOREi or watch iSCOREi videos by yourself?br br bBarbie Yes and yes! Although I prefer watching them with my husband. Its a huge turn on to look at them together.bbr
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Blonde, Busty and Bubbly : I like to perform extremely naughty sexual acts on random strangers in big buildings and public transportation, says Bridgette B. I once had sex in my college chapel.br br That is way beyond the definition of Ooops, I dropped my towel naughty. Bridgette B. does not kid around.br br I am extremely assertive and dominant, continued Bridgette. If I want cock, Ill go for it. I wont sit around waiting for a man to ask me if I want to fuck. Ill just say, Lets fuck! and start sucking his balls and spitting on his dick, then stick it between my big tits.br br Its only natural that Bridgette B. would slide into naked modeling, lap dancing and porn. We cant picture her working in an office for some douchebag in a suit.
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Pussy At A Party : I cant even believe I let him talk me into doing that, Ella told us in regards to this video she submitted. It was such a stupid thing to do. We were at my friends house warming party and we snuck off to explore the upstairs. He found a camera and somehow convinced me to strip for him! I know it was exciting for him, and my pussy was practically dripping, but it still was super fucking stupid. He didnt tell me that he took the memory card with him, either. I woke up the next day in a complete panic, thinking that we left the evidence in their bedroom! When I found it I let out a big sigh of relief. I hope you guys like it!
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Hot Cream Injection For A Busty Beauty : The very beautiful and sensual Katarina Dubrova is ready for the high, hard one. Shes dolled herself up a girl who looks like Katarina only needs a few seconds to do that and shes put on a sexy outfit for the occasion. It wont stay on very long. She needs to be fully nude and barefoot.br br Her fuck partner licks her pretty pussy, then gives her his prick to play with, suck, and tit-wank. She gets on top of him to boob-bang and jerk it as she softly coos. She blows him some more, and then climbs on top after her panties are tossed away.br br Taking his boner in hand, Katarina sticks it up her cozy little coozie as he sucks and kisses her fine, young tits. Then she rides it like a cowgirl. Giving as good as she gets, Katarina is a natural at doing the hump and pump and she needs no enticing to get him to drill her in reverse-cowgirl, from behind and from the side until his load of nut batter launches deep inside her pussy-hole. With his cock still inside her, she caresses his bag to get all of that guy juice. When he withdraws, Katarina squeezes and the guy-goo pours out of her snatcheroo to her deep satisfaction.
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Scarletts Letter Is An A : When we discover models, we often assign them a letter grade. Scarlett Jolie is one of those girls that had A-model written all over her the first time we saw her photos. Pretty face, thin in the waist, phat in the ass--yeah, we want a taste. But, were curious. What kind of guy fits Scarletts tastes?br br I like dirty-talking guys, she said. A smart man who knows what hes doing. If you know what I mean.br br We know what you mean, Scarlett, and thats why we set you up with our boy Jeremy Ace. Hes a hung dude who knows how to handle a chick with ample assets.br br Scarlett pops and rocks on his hard cock until Jeremy makes a hefty deposit on her face and tits. Thats how you handle an A-model.
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Girlfriend Material : 100 adorable and sexy-cute, Harley Ann is back. The brunette bartender promised to rock the cock, and boy, does she ever. Her talented mouth gets down on JMacs junk as soon as they hit the bed.br br While Harley is sucking and licking, JMac is exploring her ass, pussy and butthole and spanking her chubby cheeks. Ever the gentleman, he keeps her hair from falling and blocking the view of Haleys pretty face. Harleys blow job talent is high quality. She varies her speed from fast to slow, always in a worshipful way. She spits, gags and drools over his dick and licks his dick like a lollipop, occasionally staring into the lens. Harley tries to get as much shaft in her mouth as she can and spends a lot of time sucking his cock or being tit-fucked before JMac drives it home, squeezing every inch into her young pussy. Its an epic fuck from a hot, luscious babe that XLGirls is happy to showcase. Harley Ann really has the goods and she delivers them.br br A big, thick dick satisfies me best, says Harley Ann. My favorite position is doggie. I love having my nipples played with and good oral. I try to have sex as often as possible. I always swallow cum.br br Prepare to lose a load over Harley Ann. JMac did.
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A Living Doll : Living doll Holly Brooks dolls herself up for a private meeting with you and for your eyes only. Sit back and let this blonde bombshell do her thing, inches from your face. I love to age play and role play for guys, said Holly. It excites me to see a guy take his cock out of his pants for me. I love it when a guy talks dirty to me and my twins.br br Holly plays with her big hot tits and sticks her fingers in her mouth, snatch and wazoo and after she explodes, pops her fingers in her mouth again to taste her girl-nectar. Throw this girl in the shower now before she scorches the couch.
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Sexy Student Body : Occupation Student Age 25 Born February 16 Ht 59 Wt 110 pounds Bras 32B Panties Thongs or nothing! Anal Nope BJs Spit or Swallow Diddle All the time!br br Im Filipina, but everybody in California thinks Im Hispanic, and 8200Mila told us. I dont mind because I like Hispanic guys and I speak a little Spanish. Im also fluent in Tagalog, which is the language of the Philippines. Ive always been very studious. I used to tutor kids in my high school and in college. If the guys were cute and I was single, I would trade one article of clothing for every correct answer. I cant believe I never got caught! If I had a dollar for every time I found myself topless in a guys room with a textbook open, I would be rich.
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New Discovery : You will love beautiful Scarlett Monroe, a new discovery at XLGirls.com. She calls herself a nerd. We protest. Scarlett is in no way, shape or form a nerd. This is only her second time nude modeling. The first time was artistic nudity, as she explains in this first video. XLGirls can be artsy too.br br A happy college coed studying biochemistry, Scarlett likes to go commando. She came to XLGirls wearing no bra and no panties. We hate to say this but we will Scarlett, did it hurt much when you dropped in from heaven? Her body is breathtaking and her personality is magnetic.br br Scarlett cant go anywhere without guys dropping at her feet and wanting to do stuff for her. They want to buy her gas when she goes to a gas station. They want to buy her drinks and dinner. She says one dude wanted to take her on an $8,000 clothes-buying spree.br br Scarlett looks so sweet, so innocent but she has a wild side that she talks about. Shes also brought along her big pink Rabbit from home and wants to show everyone what she does when shes not studying biochemistry.br br Scarlett likes to surf, skateboard, draw, paint, sing, play volleyball, run and go to concerts. On her to-do list is to sky-dive, cliff-jump and cave-dive. Well just watch Scarlett do those things.
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A Proper Fucking : Today Im going to get fucked. Well, okay! Halle certainly doesnt beat around the bush. And speaking of which, she has a nice, little trim one between her legs. One that gets stretched and stuffed by a fat cock. Oh, thats it! she says as her tiny body is getting plowed. She may be small, skinny and flat, but theres no need to worry about breaking her. Halle likes it rough thats when she moans the loudest and says shes cumming. Her tiny, perky titties bounce up and down when she gets on top for a ride. After this proper fucking her cheeks are flushed and her chin and lips get glazed with cum.
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The Ass-Fucked Romantic : Jenna Bouche, a 46-year-old wife from Jacksonville, Florida, fucks again, and this time, shes Nurse Jenna, and shes taking care of her sick patient by sucking his cock really deep and letting him fuck her pussy and ass. Actually, letting him implies that shes doing it just for him. She isnt. Jenna loves anal sex. She loves fucking porn cock. Actually, she loves cock in general. She and her husband are swingers.br br We asked Jenna, If time were frozen for 24 hours, what would you do and where would you go?br br I love the beach, she said. I would go running barefoot in the morning then relax with a blanket and a good book for the rest of the morning. Then Id check into a great hotel on the beach, get a good drink by the pool then follow that up with a massage and a nap. Id take a long sunset stroll and then sleep that night with the doors open so I could fall asleep listening to the waves.br br And sex? How about sex?br br Of course. Maybe a stranger with a hard-on will talk through that open door.br br Dont you love a romantic?
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SCORELAND Debut : Meet Jenna Jayden, an exotic dancer who is ready to bust into the world of photo modeling and videos. A busty blonde from Canton, Ohio, Jenna made the jump to Florida. Thats a major change in lifestyle and Jenna talks about the transition in her first video. Jenna drove from Ohio to Florida with her cat and her shark. Yes, a shark. Doesnt everyone have one?br br Jenna is a girl to be admired. My tits are too big for most stores so I order my bras on-line. Im a 38H. I love showing off my big tits and my body. Im definitely a girl who feeds on attention. I wear very sexy clothes and very chest-revealing tops. I get non-stop attention and I love every second of it. Im proud of my H-cups. I never wear a bra around the house but I will wear a sports bra to work out or when I go for errands. When I go out, I wear halter tops so I dont need a bra.br br Now that Jenna is getting used to the Florida climate and culture, she can wear outfits that are as skimpy as possible, like all the hotties here. And now that shes at iSCORELANDi, Jenna can wear nothing as much as possible anytime she visits.
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Slippery Mirror Fun : Kamille Amora finds a very creative way to use a mirror and reflect her heavenly hooters in Slippery Mirror Fun. The voluptuous vixen has a bosomy and curvy body thats a work of art to sculptors, painters and breast-men. The kind of big breasts and bodacious booty that boob-drunk poets pen their poetry of passion about.br br An exotic dancer, rap song writer, singer and former cheerleader, Kamille has boob-fan radar. I can always tell who the boob guys are because they get closer to the stage. The main attraction when Im dancing is motor-boating. Ill just put my tits in your face and shake them and motorboat them. I love to do that. Its a lot of fun.br br A down-to-earth girl, Kamille likes to go on your basic kind of date. Nothing fancy. Im pretty simple when it comes down to it. Dinner and a movie are fine. Although I do want to try bungee jumping one day.br br Keep oiling Kamille.
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Doll to Life : Sarah is a blond, blue-eyed doll cum-to-life in pink, stiletto boots. And she wants to be your foot-fuck friend till the end. Watch as she strips and explores her body, paying special attention to laving her boot heels and sucking on her horny shrimps. Once she starts masturbating, your new toy wont stop until she has had an earth-shattering orgasm. And for that to happen, she will plug her pussy and then her foot pussy repeatedly, spreading her juices between both places. And not to worry, your doll comes with accessories, like her own fuckstick, which she is more than happy to lick clean after each use. So what are you waiting for? Go play...with your hard cock.
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Angel With A Red Dress On : Micky Bells. Is she ever not angelic? So balanced, so poised, so laid-back. Micky may have discovered nirvana. This busty princess has transformed her body but the inner Micky is still the same easy-going charmer shes been since she first modeled for The iSCOREi Group in Jamaica with Gya Roberts and Terri Jane.br br What does Micky want to do that she hasnt done yet?br br I want to try bungee jumping, says Micky. It looks like fun. Micky is not the first model to mention bungee jumping or skydiving as an activity she wants to try. But isnt bungee jumping a little too 2003? Its also not the kind of BJ we had in mind.br br When Micky has the time, she likes to watch football soccer. Its been a busy year for that sport and its been a busy and different kind of year for Micky. br br Both are fun to watch.
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The Redheaded Bra-Buster : Holding her sweater with both hands, Amerie Thomas shakes up her sexy tits. This is better than watching the World Cup. Amerie has her own World Cups to give her affection to.br br Amerie continues to play with her big boobs. She removes her blue pullover and reveals a colorful bra. She unhooks it with one hand and drops it to show her twin peaks of pleasure. Kissing, squeezing and licking them, the redhead leaves her lipstick mark on them. She can suck her own nipples, something that is not as easy as many think.br br Standing up, Amerie turns around to show her butt in blue denim shorts. Most impressive! They come off and so do her lacey pink panties. Its time to play spanky-spanky. Ameries two fingers pumping her sugar box make wet, squishy sounds. The best kind of music. Thank you, Amerie!
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The Love Boat : Love. Exciting and new.br br Cum aboard. Sheridans expecting you.br br The Love Boat will be making another run. Hop on.br br If theres a metal pole within reach, Sheridan Love will use it to pole-dance! Even if the poles on a boat called, appropriately enough, Wet and Slippery. Sheridan dons her skimpy bikini for a cruise around scenic Miami although the city does not compare to her for scenic views.br br Sheridan cruises to a small spot of sandy beach to play in the sand, then returns to the Wet and Slippery to cruise back topless to home port. The life of a iSCOREi Girl. Always heading off to exotic places.br
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She Wore An Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Bikini : The water may be just fine but Sheridan Love is not going into the pool. Theres something the brunette beauty needs to get off her chest her skimpy bikini top. And Sheridans bottoms come off just as fast.br br Instead of swimming, Sheridan will be oiling her stacked rack, giving her big boobs the attention they deserve and spanking and tickling her pussy for being naughty. The angles and camera positions in this video are sensational. The camera could not have gotten any closer to Sheridans nipples and pussy.br br This is the second of two Sheridan Love videos showing on this day. The Love Boat motors off with a bikini-clad Sheridan in Miami, stopping off at a sandy beach for a few minutes before resuming the cruise along the waterways with a topless Sheridan at the helm--the only way to cruise on a boat called The Love Boat aka Wet and Slippery.
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Big Boobs Small Bikinis : New iSCORELANDi arrival Tigerr Benson is waiting in the bathroom. She is killing a bra under a sheer tight top. A pink miniskirt reveals gams that cause severe boner swelling. All in all, beautiful Tigerr is a hot pussycat. She must need to wear long raincoats when she leaves her home.br br Is this too revealing? Tigerr asks in her sexy British accent when she leans forward and shows acres of cleavage. She must be pulling our...leg.br br On Tigerrs activity list today is a variety of wondrous events. After stripping off, Tigerr tries on bikinis that look like butt floss. Go to numerous beaches and let us know if you spot anyone with a body remotely close to Tigerrs shapely bod. You might in 1 out of 50 beaches.br br Then its finger-lickin good time for Tigerr and her pierced pussy followed by a giant, ribbed dildo filling her cunt. And then a shower to cool off that hot pussy.br br Be at iSCORELANDi on July 18th for Tigerrs sex date with a boob hound!
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Nasty Natalia : Do you want a sneak peek into the horny sex lives of Natalia Brooks and her boyfriend? Oh, you do? Shocker.br br We begin by hearing Natalia gripe about doing all the chores in the house. Shes the one who waters the garden. Shes the one who does the dishes. Yawn. Somehow her silver-tongued guy convinces her to strip down and play with her pussy on-camera anyways. What a fuckin champ.br br I love showing off for the camera, Natalia told us. I love being exposed like that. My boyfriend has hours and hours of footage of me just walking around naked, or masturbating on the couch, stuff like that. We even have a few hardcore threesomes filmed. Those are just for us, though. Were not sharing!br br Bummer.br
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Fantasy Boob Star : Its time for major fireworks and explosions as Amy Anderssen kicks off the first of several iSCORELANDi XXX scenes. What a hottie! Her dick-bouncing and cock-swallowing skills are fantastic.br br Growing up, I didnt know about sex and guys, Amy said. Porn grew me up and helped me discover myself and what I want. It took time to get there. When I was 26, I knew what I wanted sexually, but it took years. I didnt know how to have sex. I didnt know what to do with a dick. I didnt know what lube was. Now I have moves. I know how to play with it and jump on it and make it good for me.br br Now Amy knows everything. Just let her go and watch her in action! Shes super-sex high energy!
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Heavy Workload : Theres a lot of pressure on students today, and sometimes they need to blow off steam. And if you ask us, theres no better way to blow off steam than blowing your load. Especially when a girl like Serenity Evans is your classmate. With her extra-tight, extra-phat ass, shes accustomed to carrying a heavy workload. And more importantly, shes accustomed to taking heavy loads.br br I love giving head, Serenity said. Especially when my man starts off soft and gets hard in my mouth. Ill give a guy head for 15, 20 or 30 minutes until he gets off. Having his sticky cum on my face and in my mouth gets me really wet.br br Our boy Jeremy Ace leaves Serenity with one of the thickest, heaviest facials weve ever gotten on film. But not before he stuffed his huge cock into Serenitys ass and pussy, and getting her off a few times, too.
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Theres Something About Bridgette : Bridgette B. gives this dude one of the best private dances and fucks hes ever had in his life. One of the hottest and prettiest porn stars currently boning her brains out, Bridgette B. is a blonde Spanish Doll originally from Spain, living in Los Angeles for almost twenty years.br br In 2007, Bridgette decided to change careers and do what she does best being a beautiful love doll to jack over in videos and pictorials. She dances for Rubino in a private room with a bed ready to be stained with pussy juices and man-sauce.br br Kneeling before the seated Rubino, Bridgette strokes, tit-wanks and blows his bone to perfection. Bridgette is one of those LA babes who likes to heavily drool, spit, choke and gag on the cock, something all self-respecting porn girls should be skilled at. She is not a dry head-sucker.br br Once Rubinos shaft has been thoroughly spit-roasted by Bridgettes sexy mouth, she gets on her back to be tit-fucked and then her cunt is spread and pounded. Now...where should the nut-juice land? Her beautiful face? Her big beautiful boobs?br br Play and see!br br Theres Something About Bridgette. What is it?br br Shes a human fuck toy.br
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A Babydoll In The Bedroom : A girl who inspires copious amounts of man-jack is back to please. A girl who inspires men to think big and dream big. Lavina Dream, the girl of your dreams.br br Lavina has bought a new babydoll nightie and shes eager to show off her body in it. I like to dress sexy when I go out or when I am home. I think my boobs look very good in this? What do you think?br br Lavinas bed is her playground in this fresh video and photo spread. There are many hard-on making highlights to choose from. Lavina bouncing fast on her knees, her big boobs flying. Getting on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. On her back sucking a nipple with lip-smacking sounds. Or simply standing, her ass to the camera and rubbing her tush with a hand.br br Lavina will make one sexy masseuse when she graduates massage school!
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SCORELAND Debut : Meet Alyssa Lynn, a newcomer to iSCORELANDi.br br Alyssa had us at Would you like to jerk your cock between these big titties? And while Alyssas spanking her pink, wet hole, she likes to pop her pussy-filling fingers in her mouth to enjoy her chick juice. Very nice, indeed.br br Im still experimenting so Im still open to new fetishes and sex tricks, says Alyssa, originally from Philadelphia and now in Los Angeles. And masturbation is always fun. It even helps when I cant sleep.br br I get a lot of attention. Guys are always staring at my tits. I like that. Anytime I am wearing something skimpy or in a bikini, and thats often, even more guys are checking me out. Philadelphia has some bad winters so we all bundle up. I wont have to in Los Angeles. Phillys loss is LAs gain.br br Well be seeing Alyssa get a special delivery by the cock-man very soon.
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Sex and The Single Plumper : Now that Jola has done her first hardcore scene Bangin Time For Jola, the door has been opened and opened wide. Jola immediately wanted to have another guy-girl experience. This time, huge-titted Jola gets XLGirls.com regular Tom and his large lady-pleaser to service her overheated libido.br br All it takes is Tom squeezing Jolas big, soft boobs and shes hot to throat his dick, slowly and lovingly with long licks of her pink tongue. She licks his nuts too. His boner slides between her fat tits. The sight of it inside her cleavage inflames her passion even more. Jola squeezes her hooters together engulfing him, then takes his shaft and taps and rubs her nipple with the tip.br br Jola eagerly gets into bed and removes her panties quickly, not waiting for Tom to take them off for her. She wants his cock inside her pussy right now. Getting on her side, Jola raises one leg so Tom can enter her gates of heaven and give her the cock satisfaction she eagerly wants.
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Squirting Exhibitionist : We dont know whats going on with the Czech public school system, but we need to adopt some of their practices over here. When a student doesnt know the answer to a question, they get out of it by fucking their teachers...in front of other students! Linda seduces her teacher and sucks his cock while her classmates watch on in amazement. She gets pounded on a desk with no regard for the other people in the room. In fact, shes so into it that she squirts at 811, and keeps on squirting after that! Linda gets an A for fucking!
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Jade Drinks Cum : When this scene opens, sexy, exotic 44-year-old MILF Jade Steele is with JMac. He offers her a drink, but what she wants is his cock. The drink can come later, and it does when Jade drinks his cum out of the glass.br br Yes, thats what Jade does. She drinks Jmacs cum from the champagne flute.br br You see, what happens is, he fucks her from behind, and just as hes about to cum, he withdraws from her cunt and shoots his load. Part of it ends up in her mouth, part of it ends up in the glass, and she licks it up.br br Yummy, Jade said.br br Jade is a mom. She has a son back home in Vegas. Shes a realtor. We asked her if she likes being watched when shes having sex.br br Yes, she said. Thats why Im here.br br But of course. Now lets raise a toast...on second thought, lets not.br
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Deep Cleaning : If every dental hygienist looked like Kelly Divine, we would never miss a cleaning. An ass this nice deserves strong pearly whites. So, how long has it been since your last oral examination? Kelly asks our stud, Tony DeSergio. Were pretty sure Kelly is looking for the same type of oral examinations Tony is. Though, like us, Tony likes to give his chicks a full physical. Tony starts playing with Kellys luscious rump before he sticks a finger into her pussy. Oh, do you like big asses? she asks. You dont even have to ask, Kelly. After going down and giving Tony some sloppy head, she hops on top and works her ass on his cock. Next, Tony lays her down and pounds her tight pussy. Oh, my god, Kelly says. Oh, god, fuck me harder. Kelly flips over and Tony drills her pussy doggy style before dropping a heavy load of cum on her ass. Oh, all over my ass, she says. We know Tony wont be missing his next deep cleaning.
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The Magnificent Mams of Alana Lace : Alana Lace, one of the most-popular new models at XLGirls, talks about her desires and needs, and one of those cravings is to be totally sexually dominated by guys. I like being trapped and restrained, says a giggly Alana, touching her big boobs. I love being taken advantage of. When I dont know whats coming next.br br Anything a man wants to do to Alana is okay with her.br br Anything?br br Anything.br br Is Alana the ultimate fuck doll?br br Youd never leave the house with this girl in the palm of your hand. Who would want to?
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Sweater Girl : Many call her the greatest Asian natural bra-buster ever. They are right. No busty girl has achieved the fame and popularity that Hitomi has, There are a few worthy contenders in Japan but they still cant match Hitomi, naturally blessed with a rare body that attracts huge attention wherever she may go.br br Hitomi was voted iSCOREi 2012 Newcomer of the Year and now shes the 2013 Model of the Year. Hitomi said she is very proud to have won. She never expected to be in an American big-boob magazine. Watching her stretch out sweaters in her room in a swanky villa in the Dominican Republic is yet another jaw-dropping Hitomi event. Everything she does is an event.
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Beck Another Name For Massive Tits : This is true. Massive tits in the Czech language translate to Anna Beck. You dont believe this? Look it up.br br Anna does not speak English. This has never stopped us before. We simply hire a translator. If you love listening to women speak in their native tongues, this is a treat. When Anna appeared suddenly after four long years away from the XLGirls camera, there was no hesitation in the decision to bring her back because we knew the XLGirls community would welcome her return.br br The photographer and his assistant ask Anna to measure herself with a tape. Still dressed, Anna wraps the tape around her tits, underbust and waist. She gets 120 centimeters for her boobs. That converts to 47 inches. Her underbust is 93 cm or 37 inches rounded-off and her waist is 98 cm or 39 inches.br br Now they want her to measure herself with her clothes off. The numbers come out to 117 bust, 88 underbust and 102 waist or 46, 35 and 40. That comes out to about an M cup for US manufacturers after subtracting underbust from bust in inches. This demonstration proves the importance of measuring a girls figure when shes naked because what she wears can shape her proportions. So the next time you ask a girl if you can tape-measure her, ask her to take her clothes off first.br br A brassiere holds that which we love so dear. Now Anna tries on a variety of European-made bras, all in different sizes, some a wee bit too small for a woman of epic stature. Anna provides the commentary in her native language, reviewing each bra.br br When Annas bra try-outs end, its time for her to get cozy and do what she does when she has no man around to take care of her needs. But first, a tits in motion display. Anna can really swing those beauties around! Thank you, Anna Beck! Until next time!br
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Spread Formation : When I am out, I always have a bra on because they need support. Because I dont have anyone to hold them up for me. We know Desiree has plenty of volunteers for that. Including refs, coaches and assistant coaches.br br Desiree did track and field for six years in school. Desiree may be the bustiest football player ever seen in the game. She really knows how to handle a ball. Desiree is many cup sizes over those lingerie football girls and when we say cup, we dont mean athletic supporter although Desiree is a great supporter of the New York Yankees and the New York Giants.br br We would never put Desiree on the sidelines. We would bench her but not that kind of benching. Putting her over a bench and blitzing her is the goal.br br Desiree almost became a cop in New York City. She changed her mind but she still busts guys, in a good way. One of these days we should do a policewoman shoot with her.
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New Discovery : Its the first time for ever-smiling Barbara Angel, an excellent V-mag discovery from the land of grand bosoms and curvy asses, Czech Republic. Barbara wanted to model and found TSG through the internet. Is the Czech Republic the 1 place for busty girls who like to show their big boobs, asses and pussies? For a small nation, they produce an above average number of naturally big-boobed, voluptuous girls who are eager to model. It definitely seems that way and figures dont lie. Romania is close behind and then theres England. Wheres Canada?br br Barbara likes to swim, go to the gym and jog. She enjoys animated movies and horror flicks, likes to go the cinema and listens to punk music. She spends a lot of time with her best friend, her little dog who she dotes on. Barbara is yet another model who wants to try skydiving. Almost every new model lists parachute jumping as a goal.br br When I go out, I like to wear sexy clothes. I like to wear sexy tops and mini-dresses. I always get a lot of attention because of my breasts and, yes, I like that. I always wear a bra except for sleeping. br br Barbaras English is pretty good and she also uses one of those translating apps. In this first video, Barbaras quiet until she gets naked and feels herself up. Then the moaning begins. br br Barbaras excellent at self-sucking her nipples. When she takes her pliable tits out of her bra, their size is impressive. Miss Angels areolae are very wide and her nips are pointy and prominent. If you are one of the many who dig blue-veined breast skin, Barbara has em.
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What Could Be Better? : Seriously, what could be better than a shy, young Latina shedding her clothes, showing off her adorable panties and fingering her tight, wet snatch? Absolutely nothing, thats what. Jessi is a self-described horn-dog with a huge sexual appetite, but shes nervous about being in front of the camera. She hails from just outside Dayton, Ohio, where people would be shocked to see her stripping down and spreading for our site. Ive got a reputation of being a goody-two-shoes, and this might put an end to that. Just because Im sexual and I dont mind people seeing me naked, it doesnt make me a slut. I cant stand that word. Theres a total double standard against women with high libidos. I mean, I like having my ass licked and my pussy fingered, whats wrong with that? Nothing, Jessi. Theres nothing wrong with that.
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Busty Coed On A Chain : So beautiful Bridgette B is dancing in this funky underground club where anything goes. Where nobody knows your name and the girls are always glad you came. Bridgettes total eye-candy dressed like a sexy coed. Theres also a chain around her neck, not a normal accessory for a hot student.br br Bridgette gyrates her foxy ass and shakes her big beautiful boobs. Then the reason for her chain shows up. Her boss has arrived. Bridgette stops her dance. He takes her by the chain and shows her who master cock is and who is the submissive.br br Bridgette takes her big tits out over her shirt and bra. She spits on her tits and puts his dick in her mouth. Squatting before him, Bridgette proceeds to give him a sloppy, messy, gagging, deep-throat blow job with lots of drool and spittle, the kind that Kianna Dior is also famous for. The kind of cock sucking that requires a janitor with a mop and a bucket standing off to the side. She is magnificent. A blow job you could watch for hours.br br Bridgettes tits are made for fucking and thats just what hell do. He pushes her over to a chair and mounts her mountains. I love getting my tits fucked, says Bridgette. She calls her tits princesses. Theyre royalty in our book too. Bridgette spits on his cock as he boob-bangs her. Bridgette believes in using her spit as a lube for cock, not lube in a tube.br br Now its time to play screw the bad coed. He shoves his tool into Bridgettes waiting pussy and theyre off to fuck town. Once he has had his fill of Bridgettes pussy, her lovely asshole is next to be ravished.br br Bridgette B shes earned her Masters degree in blow jobs, tit-wanking and pussy and ass fucking. With skills like this, porn was the way to go.
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Sweet Caroline : We dont think Neil Diamond was talking about this fine piece of ass when he penned the now-classic song, Sweet Caroline, but it fits this chick perfectly. Caroline Pierce is thick-n-leggy, and has milky, sweet vanilla skin, a tasty-n-sweet pink pussy and, of course, a sweet phat ass. And we know every ass-loving man out there wants nothing more than to be touching her, and have her touching you.br br And while we wont be the ones that get to beast on Carolines sweet ass and pussy, well gladly watch our boy Big Pike stuff his stiff pipe in and out of her. There are tennis balls and basketballs with less bounce than Carolines plump white ass, which makes her perfect for our two favorite positions, cowgirl and doggystyle. Caroline hops on top of Pike and fucks our boy so hard his huge cock pops out of her pussy a few times. Then, he turns her around and smashes her from the back so hard her moans are a mix of pain and ecstasy.br br And when theyre finally done, Pike leaves sweet layers of jizz for Caroline to remember him by.br br Oh, I love your cum all over my big ass, she says.
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Kiss My Ass Then Fuck It : Kitty McPherson checks herself out, checking her makeup, making little adjustments to her halter top until her cleavage mounds look perfect while she waits for her fuck date to show.br br She talks to the studio manager about how she feels about her first XLGirls.com sex scene with Rocky. Kitty says shes excited, nervous and ready. She doesnt know Rocky. Its pure sex with a stranger. No strings, no fuss. Sport-sex with no Ill call you goodbyes after they both cum.br br While Kitty is speaking, Rocky is on the other side of the wall ditching his clothing so theres no downtime when he introduces himself and his cock to Kitty.br br He studies Kittys tits in her tight halter and begins to play with them, savoring their feel and size. Pulling each tit out, he sucks on her nipples, buries his face in her soft cleavage, motorboats her, inhales her scent.br br Kitty kneels and swallows Rockys long shaft to the hilt. She sucks and licks his balls. This babe can deep throat, making slurping and licking sounds. She is no head sucker. Rocky slides his dick between her tits. Kitty squeezes her jugs together, sandwiching his cock, then plants her lips around his boner again. She is passionate with her blow jobs.br br Rocky leans over Kitty while she sucks him stiff and spreads her ass cheeks so he can check out her butthole, lube it and stick his finger in. He has to fuck Kittys pussy and ass. Kitty is gagging for it too.br br Pure fucking. Its a beautiful thing.
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Hot For Holly : An octogenarian would be hot for Holly Brooks HardSCORE 5, Busty Cock Worshippers 4 on DVD. The blonde sex-bomb, a fairly recent newcomer to SCORE, is the new wet dream girl for countless tit-men. The new go-to girl to drop a load over. She appears in their fantasies and dreams, dancing and slowly swaying her big boobs to give them nocturnal emissions.br br Holly started off as a nude glam model. She did no pussy spreading, no toying or finger fucking and no hanky-panky-spanky. Then she changed her mind and got into porn. As we have said for years, girls who do hardcore had to start somewhere and swap no-no-no for yes-yes-yes. Look at Puma Swede and Kelly Madison, as examples.br br Holly Brooks has special talents. She is double-jointed. She loves dancing, stripping and grinding for a guy. She knows acupressure, Swedish and deep tissue massages. She can deep tissue massage your balls. She will do all of this for you in the privacy of a bedroom, and a lot more. Holly can deep-throat with the best of them. She has no tats. Now thats unusual today!br br Hollys favorite sex position is doggie-style because she says it hits her the deepest. Holly loves G-Spot stimulation and Tony, her fuck-man in this fresh SCORE video, has the long horn to give her that stimulation.br br I LOVE nipple stimulation, kissing, getting my tits rubbed, and oral, both giving and getting, for foreplay, before I fuck, says Holly. I love anal sex and when I give a guy a blow job, I usually swallow his cum.br br A former financial analyst, Holly finds her new life in the adult world a lot more exciting than the financial services industry. Their loss is our gain.br br Holly Brooks. Is she real or is she a mirage?br
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The Adventures Of Super-Jennica : Its so beautiful here, says Jennica Lynn who is decked out in her special sailor girl outfit that could be a superheroine costume. What navy is this uniform from? They must have no shortage of enlistees with deck hands like her!br br Jennica is talking about the place shes modeling in, Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. Yes, the D.R. is very beautiful but we have to say that Jennica is much more beautiful and exciting.br br The top part of Jennicas colorful corset is basically a ledge for her gorgeous and crazy-generous tits. They appear to be ready to spill out as she leans forward to blow a kiss. Wanna go for a walk with me? Jennica asks.br br Simply watching Jennica walk down the spiral stone staircase leading to the pool is enough to drive a man completely insane. Her 34M-cup boobs wobble and tremble as she negotiates the stairs in her stacked heels.br br Jennica deftly unhooks her bustier and reveals her real superheroine costume. Bare skin! She shakes em good, bends over to stick her fine ass in your face and spread her butthole and finds a spot to make spanky-spanky in the shade. There is no work of art created over the centuries that comes close to matching Jennica Lynn. Jennicas video and photo set of this scene is priceless.
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Mature Hooters : Olarita, or Olarita 2.0 as shes called around here, is at her peak of breasty perfection at the age of 37. Her tits are much bigger now, moving her into a true Voluptuous category.br br I missed making videos and pictures, said Olarita with the assist from our interpreter. I masturbate every day I do not have a man but that is usually to cum and then go to sleep. But this iSCORELAND ivideo is different. When I know I have people watching me, I want to make myself so sexy for them. I squeeze my tits, I put a finger and a vibrator in my pussy and lick my juice off them. My tits are bigger now and this makes me happy.br br I am excited to be doing this, knowing men are getting excited for me. It makes me feel sexy. My job is not sexy. But all of us must work to pay our bills. To show my body for the men who enjoy looking at me fills my mind with fantasies and makes my body tingle. To have sex with virile men, this has only made me want more sex.
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Please Give Me That Cock In My Ass! : About nine minutes into this video, 43-year-old divorcee Vivian Piper says the magic words.br br Please give me that cock in my ass! Vivian tells Tony D.br br He grants her wish. Who wouldnt? After all, this is the woman who once told us, I love getting fucked. I love having sex. The more the merrier. The filthier the better, and I love anal sex.br br How much does Vivian love anal sex?br br Id take it over traditional vaginal sex any day of the week.br br By why choose, Vivian? In this scene, Tony fucks your mouth, then he fucks your pussy, then he fucks your ass, then he fucks your pussy again, then he fucks your ass, back and forth, back and forth until he cums on your face.br br Anal sex is what get me off easiest and hardest, she said. Im kind of a tough nut to crack when it comes to orgasms, but anal is a guarantee. Im passive. I love to be used. I love when a guy uses my ass.br br Tony D. does that here. Vivian gets to cum. And we get to watch.
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Cute and Sexy : The director nails it when he sees Harley Ann. Harley Ann is indeed a cutie-pie. Sweet, charming and adorable. Makes a guy want to squeeze and hug her. Lick her all over. Harley Ann knows how to dress that sexy body in a tight cardigan and short skirt. The girl knows. She knows how to undress to impress.br br Harley also knows how to smoothly unbutton that cardigan and talk dirty, pop her bra off and get hands-on with her sweet tits. She then turns around, sticks her whooty butt in the air and rubs her tasty-looking taco. She sticks her fingers in her cookie jar and makes her love button hard. Then she turns around, spreads her legs wide and plays that special instrument girls play called the clit-ar, making horny music. Harley Ann licks her fingers to taste her flavorful girl juice and tongues her nipples to make them point.br br Another XL cuddle bunny enters these hallowed halls of hooters and heinies. Well be seeing much more of Harley Ann soon.br br Thank you Harley Ann and welcome to the original Big Show.
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Just Warming Up : What is Loreen stretching and warming up for? A workout? Only if you count getting naked and masturbating as exercise. It does look like Loreen is getting her heart rate up and hopefully yours, too as she fingers her meaty pussy and writhes and moans. Warming up certainly helps her spread her legs wider so you can see her pink pussy splayed open. She jams her fingers in her tight hole over and over again, banging herself into a loud, juicy orgasm. We dont know about the rest of her, but her pussy certainly got a good workout!br
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Relax and Pamper : I love to relax and pamper myself, says Tiffany Smokes as she strips off her robe to reveal thick, naked legs. Nothing feels better than a nice, hot bath and massaging my feet with some slick lotion. It turns me on when I can feel the warm water streaming over my legs and thighs. And after my sensual bath, I use my fingers to apply luxuriant lotion and rub in-between my toes, stretching them wide. The wider the gap between my toes, the hornier I become. I start thinking about a cock stretching them apart and it makes me touch myself almost immediately. Well theres nothing wrong with that!
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Baby, Its Cold Outside : Looking to warm up? Then cozy up to Isabella Grazzi, a pretty newcomer with a phenomenal, sexy body. Friendly, welcoming and perky, shes here to heat you up and she has the heaters to do it. Theyre big and theyre beauties! The best way to take the chill off is to place your face between them. The camera here is very up-close, mere inches away from Isabellas big 34FFF boobs and moist pussy.br br Isabella will please you in every way with her gorgeous presence. Isabella has natural beauty. So naturally beautiful. Absolutely beautiful! writes Milton, a guy who rarely comments so he must have been impressed.br br What you see here is girlfriend material. Where Isabella wants to take herself in the wide, wide world of photographic pursuits is something well find out in the future. Will it be a fling or a regular thing?
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Internet Celebrity Gets Fucked : Today we have the hardcore debut of Internet celebrity Tiff Bannister. The YouTube and Twitter star has thousands of follower whove begged her for a glimpse of her nipple, or a profile snap of her butt. Well, weve done it now. We set her up with a hung porn stud and had him fuck the shit out of her on-camera.br br We dont know what her fans are going to think of this, but we dont really care. All we know is a cute blonde who has never done any adult modeling before, wanted to fuck for us. Who are we to turn her down?
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