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Hot Sluts Can Drive You Nuts : This videos for every guy whos worked in a supermarket. Kayla Anne is a busty cum-lover of Japanese background living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Johnny helps her wheel her groceries to her car. She immediately hits on him, asking him to come back to her apartment, letting him know point-blank what she wants from him. She is straight and direct, something not common with lots of women. She doesnt want romance or to be courted and wooed. Shes not saving herself for that special someone. She just wants cock in her cunt and mouth, the bigger the better. Shes taking a gamble with this grocery bagger, sizing him up as a thick-dicked fucker. He abandons his job which will be his ex-job as soon as his AWOL status is noted. The things we do for some pussy. They arrive back at her place where she wastes no time sucking on his pecker. Its a good trade-off. Quit your job fuck the shit out of a hot bitch instead of working. You have to wonder how Kayla Anne learned to milk a mans balls with her hand the way she does here. Whoever originally trained her in sex is a true sensei.
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Old School Porn Is Still The Best : The day after the first movie camera was invented, some enterprising producer was photographing a hot girl sucking cock and being fucked. Back then, such endeavors were done on the sneak but today in freedom-loving countries, the joys of photographing nookie are not as restricted as they once were, thanks to the early pioneers of erotic cinema. One of the things that hasnt changed much in over 100 years of horny entertainment is the theme of the woman at home alone in need of a service-man to repair her sink, refrigerator, television, window, etc. Once the repairman is invited into her abode, the housewifedivorceebachelorettenymphomaniac proceeds to blow his toolbelt off. It is with immense pride, and encouragement from numerous pipe fitters and plumbers worldwide, that we continue with this great tradition in the story of sexy Dominique Perez and the big-dicked plumber. Enzo the hardworking plumber brings his large tool with him and proceeds to fix Dominiques sink problem to their mutual satisfaction. His work is guaranteed although Enzos pipe itself springs a messy leak all over Dominique. Green-eyed beauty Dominique is so happy, she promises to call him first if she has any more plumbing needs and to alert her girlfriends of his reliable service. The spirit of quality craftsmanship still lives despite everything being made in China these days. Old School Porn Is Still The Best is practically a recruiting video for the plumbing industry.
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Khris Winters : Im addicted to Desperate Housewives, said Khris, a 20-year-old B-cupper from Georgia. She means the TV show, not MILFs who want cock all the time. Khris wants cock all the time, as this video proves. Really, is there anything like a chick whos horny for cock and gets some? Isnt that one of your favorite video themes. Judging from her fucking and sucking in this video, Khris isnt going to be an amateur for long. Shes well on her way to becoming a genuine porn star. So enjoy her freshness while it lasts. You know those porn guys. Theyll fuck the innocence right out of her.
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Tiffanys Out There : I love to go to the beach, and I love to tan. Especially topless. I hate tan lines. Ill just wear a thong or a G-string so I get a really thin tan line. When I tan in a thong the guys just cant get enough of it. Theyll be there surfing or whatever, and theyll lose their boards and run into each other. Its pretty hectic, but I love the attention from guys. Im definitely an exhibitionist. I really love to have sex in front of people in big rooms and in orgies. Im also very aggressive and I have no problem making the first move on a guy I like.
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Mandys Private Show : When Mandy Hudsons boyfriend shows up with a camera, she knows exactly what to do take her clothes off. This 19-year-old from Texas spends a lot of time in her bedroom at least from what weve seen of her, and she knows her way around her body. Seeing the camera, she immediately unbuttons her shirt and shows off her perfect little tits. Then she starts to take off her shorts but decides to tease us instead. Dont worry. The tease doesnt last long. Before we know it, Mandy is wagging her ass into the camera and deep-fingering her pussy in a variety of br Im kinda horny, Mandy br We kinda got that idea.
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Julia Juggs In Heat : Please take your hand off your mouse and put em together for Julia Juggs, a new arrival to XLGirls land and a very hot one indeed. Julias debut is a rip-roaring XXX interracial hardcore with Mr. Stone and she will be sucking and fucking his lance of lust to the hilt. Julia is a burlesque performer in Las Vegas and when she descends the staircase for her booty call in this vid, youll see some of that striptease and burlesque training in her body language before the couple gets down to getting down. Being a Las Vegas baby, lets guess that Julia likes to show her cleavage like a few other Sin City hotties we know. I love to show off my boobs, so anything I wear shows them off. Low-cut tops and tight blouses with push-up bras, says Julia, whos also a kinky fetish lover into all kinds of off-the-wall sexual predilections. Her exotic looks reminded several XLGirls staffers of the famous stripper and cult model Tura Santana from the 60s Russ Meyer movies. Julia likes to play nasty and she says she wants a black shaft inside her cunt, fucking it as hard as possible. The filthy talk pours out of Julias fresh mouth as she grinds her sopping wet pussy briskly on Stones pole. But instead of washing out her mouth with soap, he fills it with his cock. Julias no frail, brittle top model type. She can take a fierce pounding from a pro stud and she gives back as good as she gets. Well see it right now. Lets hear it for a new big-chested nympho, Julia Juggs, only at XLGirls.
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Models Wanted! All Positions Are Open Until Filled : Theres a cocksucker born every minute, said the great P.T. Barnum. We have the proof. The model scammer is back with another sidekick this time. Answering their ad is pretty and sexy Missy Vega, a coed not used to the ways of these city slickers and their horny tactics. Or is she? Missy is asked about her special skills. There is only one skill they are interested in but listen carefully as they transmit their wills and mold Missy into exactly the kind of model they are looking for. Missy says she can use a hula-hoop so she puts on a demonstration of her hip-swiveling talents for these drooling swine. But first they have her change into a bikini so tiny, theres barely enough material to make a handkerchief. They keep spinning their trash-jive, talking Missy into taking off the bikini. Does she want the job? Yes, she does. You know where this is going. They even thoughtfully help her remove her bottoms. But then surprise, surprise, Missy turns out to want to suck and fuck as much as con man 1 wants to. He bangs her senseless on the easy chair. Will she swallow his load? And will she get fucked in more ways than one? Lets roll the videotape.
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Huge Tits and A String Bikini : Notice anything different about Angelina Castro in this new Hardcore Special and SCORE Theater video? Youve probably caught two things. Two really big things. Huge tits! Miami super-hottie Angelina is now sporting 36G-cup wowzers. She now measures 44-28-42. That major Latin booty, well, that was always there. Angelina also appears on a Spanish-language TV show here in Miami that has roundtable panel discussions. She may be the only SCORE model ever to take her grandparents to an adult shop. She showed them dildos, lubes and other merchandise which impressed them. Her grandfather then told her about the live sex shows in Havana, Cuba before the communist revolution. Angelina talks about this, and about using the handle of an electric toothbrush as a vibrator because she needs to cum every night before she goes to sleep, in a terrific three-part SCORELAND BLOG video. Now onto The Big Show, Huge Tits and A String Bikini. This is a smokin hot POV video. Angelina models a skimpy bikini as a pre-game warm-up before she takes most excellent care of the cock with her mouth and vise-tight pussy. I hope it excites you as much as the bikini excited everyone else in the store, Angelina says before she slips out of her skimpy teddy to put it on. After the bikini show, its slick tit play that leads to a horny tits and tugs and a blow job with lots of direct eye contact. Then its time for Angelina to ride hard. She pumps the hell out of the POV cock before getting under it and being drilled in doggie position and more. If youve seen Angelina sex it up before in previous SCORE videos, you know youre in for a really wild spin.
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Baby On Board : SCORELAND has a real treat for all of you fans of belly-bump beauties. Sexy Kali West of Mamazon fame visited our studio to luxuriate in the joys of her fertile physique. Previously, she had jerked off a POV man-sausage. Here, a large mirror doubles her fun and gives everyone including Kali a new perspective to enjoy her lush boobs, bump, bushy box and butt. The opportunity for Kali to explore her eight-month transformation was too good to pass up. If you love adventures in pregnancy, all-natural tits, dense fur triangles and all-around beauty, this ones for you! Thank you, Kali West!
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Bikini Beauty : Mamazon star Kali West is a silent bikini beauty in this fresh SCORE Video. Last seen on SCORELAND in a video made when she was eight months knocked-up, Kali had her baby and now her beautiful body is in post-partum pulchritude. She shows us every centimeter and fingers her sweet pussy, rubbing one out for good measure. I want to become a nurse and work with kids, says Kali, although we recommended she work with old geezers instead and wear a candystripers uniform with high heels. I dont know if they can handle me! Kali quickly replied. But I love kids. Hot chicks. They dont listen.
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Ciaras Fantasy Cums True : As Ciara is shooting this scene, sucking and fucking a total strangers cock, her hubby is back home in Atlanta, Georgia, wondering what his wife is doing, knowing shes doing something most wives dont do...and that shes enjoying it. Because Ciara, whos turning 50 in October, has wanted to do this for a long time, but her hubby? He wasnt so sure he wanted to turn his wife loose. But you know what they cant keep a horny woman down.brbrbr Ive never done a video before, Ciara tells us in the opener, but Ive had a lot of sex before, and if you stick around, youll get to see me have hard, passionate, raw, wonderful sex.brbrbr Ciara sucks cock while having her pussy fingered and barks out orders, something she says she always does at home.brbrbr Stick that cock in my pussy, Ciara demands. That feels so fucking good!brbrbr She gets fucked in a variety of positions, then takes a load of cum on her very nice tits. She seems almost...grateful! But can her marriage of 20 years survive this? How will her hubby deal with his wifes sudden ascension to porn stardom?brbrbr Hell be fine, Ciara said. After I fuck him.brbrbr These MILFs...they always get their way.
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My Tits Are Out Of Control! : First times a charm for first-time XL Girl Charlie Cooper. She took to the camera as if shed been modeling for years. In Charlies first XLGirls video, she shows her 38G charms at riverside on a nice, sunny day. Charlie and the crew found a nice, secluded area where she took her clothes off piece by piece in a very polished way, swinging and jiggling her large, smotherin knockers, heavy tits bigger than your head. She lays down on a blanket, leaving only her heels on and fingers her cookie while cars whiz by only a short distance away. Public nudity, ya cant beat it. Charlies got an exhibitionistic streak that extends past showing skin only in a studio! What about her sexual fantasies? Does she have any? I dont have a specific one, answers Charlie. I like to be dominated and lose a bit of control. A boyfriend and I checked out a swingers club was pretty crazy. I masturbate but I dont do anything too extravagant. Please welcome Charlie Cooper, sexy new XL Girl!
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Isabella Nay Wants To Play : This skinny, flat cuties boobs are so small she can barely squeeze a handful. That doesnt stop her from playing with them though! She tweaks her nipples, making them nice and hard for you. Isabella bends over on all fours, giving you an awesome shot of her bubble butt and juicy slit. She takes off her pink cotton panties to show you her tight, pink pussy. She starts playing with her pussy right away, rubbing and fingering and spreading it open so you can see how tight she is. Listen to her moan, watch her stuff her two fingers in her box and cum along with Isabella!
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Boobcore : Award-winning exotic dancer Stephanie Stalls pulls out all the stops in her first SCORE hardcore scene. Stephanie was blonde the last time she was at SCORE now shes gone brunette. Stephanie and SCORE Girl Angel Gee could be kissin cousins. Stephanie is a horny babe who knows what she likes and what she wants in bed. She wants Mr. Dick to first play with and massage her massive and heavy 40 inch 34F-cups. She loves her nipples pulled and pinched. He spritzes a good amount of white cream over them, rubbing the stuff into her breast flesh until her tits shine. Massage my pussy, Stephanie says. He goes one better, massaging her shaved cunt with his tongue. She returns the favor by sucking his cock, making popping, suction sounds as her mouth works it. Fuck those titties, she next tells Mr. Dick. She sits on the edge of the bed holding her bazonkas together as his prick plows through her tightly compressed boobs that make a kind of cleavage-pussy. Stephanie now wants his shaft in her snatch. She gets on her back, strips off her panties and opens her legs for a side-saddle fucking. Her head hangs over the corner of the mattress and she makes sex sounds in a staccato rythmn while he penetrates her with fast strokes. Her hands reach down to rub her clit and pussy-wings. Stephanie gets on top and mounts him in a reverse cowgirl position, riding his pole hard. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it! she cries, bouncing up and down energetically, tits swinging wildly. Most girls have to take their heels off in this position but not Stephanie. Her stripper skills give her fuck-stamina and flexible legs and ankles. The more she fucks the more fucking she wants. What position will Stephanie Stalls get into next?
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Ass Slappin And Clappin : Kaleah is a sexy sista from the West Coast who likes to shop and hang out. She likes hanging out on the beach and talking on the phone with her girls. So much, that she stays on the phone while this guy she picked up at the mall is tossing her salad. When she gets off the phone she lets him have it by sitting on his face and sucking his dick while talking dirty. And when she gets it, she wants it nice and hard and with a lot of ass-slapping. She likes the noise it makes and the sting of getting her pussy and her ass cheeks pummeled.
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Booty Camp Threeway : Commander Pinky believes in keeping her privates active and her recruits even more active...servicing her pussy and butthole. As we meet Pinky in her quarters, Soldier Steed massages Pinkys buttockalicious cakes with white cream. Her riding crop keeps him on-target and on the job. Thats okay. He can take it. Pinky is larger than life and so is her sex hyper-drive. Her fuckin ass rules this military camp. She takes no prisoners. Recruit Jasmine excitedly enters Pinkys boudoir with some bullshit about her novio boyfriend. Pinkys not interested in Jasmines soap operas. She wants Jasmines butt specifically, Pinky wants to lick Jasmines Latin ass-cakes and her butt-hole with her saliva-dripping tongue. She and Soldier take turns licking Jasmines A-hole and once they get started, look out! Its a nasty, dirty threeway managed and conducted by one of the nastiest, raunchiest, dirtiest bitches in the entire adult video scene, Pinky! The action is unbelievable. If youve never seen Pinky in fucking, sucking and butthole action and never heard the filth the comes out of her mouth, chances are good that you will become Pinkys disciple after this video.
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The Return of Cherry Brady : Weve all seen those late-night TV commercials for 900-line singles connections with sexy babes out to pitch your tent. This fresh Cherry Brady video for XLGirls is a million times hotter, bustier and wetter. The redhaired supervixen, the ultimate woman-next-door, is back after too long an absence and just as horny as always! Back to wave her massive 36G-cups in your face, back to spread her sweet cunt and shake her curvy ass. The staff was excited to learn of Cherrys return to the SCORE Group studio, always an event here, knowing the joy she would bring to countless breast-men around the world. Cherrys love of erotica, big tits, sex, pussy and porn grows stronger. A clean-living woman with a dirty mind, at home she likes to read filthy books by such masters as Henry Miller for inspiration. Wherever he may be, Henry Miller is downing a shot in Cherrys honor. This is the Cherry Brady version of a late-night TV sex-fomerical. Her statuesque bod packed into a skintight dress and her dirty mouth are a boob-hounds wet dream. You can squirt your load on my pussy, Cherry murmurs. You can squirt it on my tits. You can squirt it in my mouth. Then when youre done, you can wipe your dick on the drapes for all I care. True poetry from a great American sexbomb! A devilish mind in the body of a stacked angel. The entire video is filled with this kind of sex chat. Cherrys titty hanging and dangling are off the chart. Five minutes into the video, Cherrys swinging hangers in low-angle become completely breastnotizing. Its an award-winning moment. Weve said it before, well say it again. Theres only one Cherry Brady. Shes raised more cocks than a chicken farmer.
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Big Bouncy Bubbles : The next best thing to taking an actual bubble bath with the succulent Miss Jenna Valentine, model and blogger, is this SCORELAND virtual bath. Its a wholesome, clean activity with a FF-cup buxom beauty who merely needs to step into the tub to heat the water. By God, she could bottle that bathwater and sell it. SCORE Men have lots to say about Jenna, who recently celebrated her birthday. She is one of my favorite models in SCORE. Jenna Valentine is hands down my pants my favorite model. The more of her the better. Whatever she wants to do, do it. Finally! A model that I can fantasize about! Shes too groovalicious for words. Roll that video!
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Household Tips from Janet Jade : Most models dont do windows. However, lovely Janet Jade made an exception for SCORE by publically revealing for the first time her household tips. Boob-men and Janets neighbors should be eternally grateful for this big reveal. Janet demonstrates in full detail how she keeps her windows sparkling clean. Some of the process involves more than a shammy as you will observe. Not every girl is so blessed to have 44 inch 38DDD mombos to clean her windows with. They sure cant be picked up at the local supermarket. This may be the absolute last word in tits on glass videos. At least until next time. Thanks for making things more transparent, Janet! We wish all homemakers could be like you.
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Another Notch On The Bedpost : Pussy hustlers Matt and Tony are rolling along the streets looking for a girl to thump when they spot super-hot chick Monika checking her mailbox. Shes smokin! These fine gentlemen pull over and chat her up, finding out that her parents are away. Naturally their only goal for the day is to get into her house so Tony can fuck her while Matt videotapes it. The phrase lock up your daughters was made with these scholars in mind. Fast talkers, they tell her they are shooting a documentary and want her to be in it. Naturally she falls for this routine and invites them in. Monika tells them that shes a student studying cosmetology and massage therapy. Thats music to the ears of these derelicts. When Tony offers to give Monika a massage on her bed, the game begins!
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Fuck My Old Ass! : Kelly Leigh is a no-nonsense woman, so when she drops the drinks she brought out for her lawn boys, she makes up for it by dropping to her knees and sucking their cocks. Would most women do this? No. But most women are not Kelly Leigh, who sucks dick like shes making love to it, enjoys being called a fucking dirty whore and takes cocks in her ass as casually as most women take it in their pussies.brbrbr I want your fucking cock in my ass! she screams.brbrbr Theres DP action here, too. Because Kelly is that kind of woman. A porn star, of course, but one who doesnt do it for the money. She does it for the sex. And if you need proof of that, just watch this video.brbrbr Yes, Im a dirty slut, Kelly said. And Im proud of it!
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Your New Girlfriend Katie Lewis : Katie Lewis, an 18-year-old college student from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, shows us what it might be like to be her boyfriend in this intimate, homemade video. It starts on a canal in South Florida. Katie, wearing a bikini top and short shorts, catches you looking at her and says, Lets go inside the house, then Ill show you something. She shows off her perky tits, then fucks her tight little pussy silly just by using her br Katie might be young, but shes very horny and kinky. Her favorite position?br br Doggie style so a guy can do me deep and hard while he smacks my ass, she said. That always makes me cum big time! If he hasnt cum with me, he can finish off in my butt cause that feels super good to br Yep, Katie likes it in her ass! But you already knew that. Youre her boyfriend.
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Every Inch A Woman : Six years ago, SCORE went to the Dominican Republic and came back with Busty Island Girls. This video, posted on SCOREVideos, featured some really hot looking girls. Except the girls didnt fuck any cocks. Things change, thats for sure. Recently SCORE went back to the island to meet Chica and this super-slim and stacked little sexbomb was more than happy to take a dirty ride with our stunt-cock. This pretty-faced pixie has got a big pair of tits that you dont see that often on someone so petite. Chicas appetite for the cock is off the charts and she sure loves that camera while shes fucking. Get ready to see Chica pounded and creamed. Just the way she likes it. Chica shows off her boobs while John checks her out. They come in for a clinch and a quick dance, then John says, Lets fuck. So much for complex storylines! Onto the action! He palms Chicas sweet tits, fingering the tawny flesh-globes. Chica is wearing split-crotch panties. He removes her shoes and gets to tongue work on her snatch as she pulls her panties to the side for better access. After hes worked over her cunt, she kneels before him. When he drops his pants, his cock springs up. Wow! Chica says in her quiet way. She returns the favor by opening her mouth for his pole, sucking him hands-free and with hands. They switch to a POV titty-bang, John on his back, Chica sandwiching his dick between her love pillows. She alternates boob-massaging his cock and blowing him again with a worshipful expression. Now theyre ready to fuck. Chicas a screamer as you will soon find out when you roll the video! This is Chicas first SCORE Video. See more Chica at SCORELAND! Viva Chica!
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Alix Lakehurst Returns To : Alix Lakehurst is back at XLGirls and for this new sex date, shes matched up with her favorite thing. BBC. Big black cock. Alix talks about how much she loves BBC, pulling an enormous hooter out of her halter top. Shes added considerable boobage and poundage since her last visit and is looking very plush and lush, more XL than ever. Mr. Stone BBC is going to like that too. More to squeeze and penetrate. When he arrives, they get right down to the action because Alix is horny and worked up. He gets to sucking her nipples, skipping the small talk. They both share the nipple. She sucks his finger as a prelude to sucking his boner. When Alix gets to blowing his shaft and playing with his nutsack, she worships it like an idol, totally enraptured, cock-notized. She takes as much BBC down her throat as she can. No head-sucker is Alix. She goes way down. When its time to fuck, she gets one of the strongest dickings weve seen Alix take. Roll the video!
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Lust Weekend : Renee Ross starts Lust Weekend with the perfect moves. The camera opens on her beautiful face, then moves down as she hoists her 40J world wide wonders up using her tit-sling and jiggles them in their cups. Renees gazonga gymnastics would be good enough for many of us but theres a lot more coming up. One of the great things about Renee besides her obvious anatomical charms is her supreme talent and enthusiasm at hot, nasty talk. Since her SCORELAND special Wham! Bam! Thank You Maam!, Renees sexy vocabulary has gotten hornier, if it was possible to get even hotter and juicier. The nasty comments roll off her tongue like the mouth juice she drips during a blow job. No phone sex operator could get a man worked up more than Renee with just her tit-chat. She wants her booty calls boner to stroke, lick, suck and boob-bang before they fuck and she wants his mouth sucking on her nipples as hard as he can do it. Having her tits and body adored gives Renee as much psychic pleasure as it does physical pleasure. What Renee Ross wants, she gets! Shes like one of the bedroom nymphos in a Henry Miller novel. The sight of Renees tits bouncing back in her own face as she rides her date in reverse cowgirl is a nutbusting spectacle. She will not allow a dude to jack off on her immense knockers after the pounding when Renee can do the jackin with her own hands. Heres to Renee Ross, mistress of huge-boobed sex! Roll that video because seeing is believing!
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Extreme Tank Top Stretching : There are several unforgettable big-boobed superwomen whove made themselves even more unforgettable because of the very sexy way they talk while their tits and asses are making us as hard as railroad spikes. The hot, juicy, dirty, horny words and comments literally pour of their mouths and they have the rare talent of making a guy feel that hes the only person shes talking to. Theres Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Renee Ross, Kerry Marie, Cherry Brady, Christy Marks and this luscious morsel right here, Natalie Fiore! Natalie is one of the greatest busty delights of the past four years. This SCORE Video takes place on Grand Bahama island. If you saw the Bahama special on SCORELAND, you may remember a jawdropping group photo of the girls in which Natalie wears that awesome striped top that sticks out like the opened top shelf of a drawer, camel-toe producing skin-tight jeans and sexy red shoes with toe cleavage. Natalie wears this outfit for the beginning of this video, Extreme Tank Top Stretching. Natalie begins her private encounter in the kitchen, dousing her top with water from the faucet while talking and teasing, asking you to play with her tits, her ass, her pussy, her legs, to touch them, to fuck and suck her teets, her big teets as she calls them in her accented English. Natalie slowly, seductively removes her clothes, showing every squeezable inch of her gorgeous body, her thick, pointy nipples, her sleek, delicious pussy for your inspection and pleasure, spreading her legs open for you to stick your cock into her honey pot. If theres one problem with watching Natalies boner-producing video, its going to be trying to figure out what to do with the other 23 hours 39 minutes of your day.
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Single. College Degree. Enjoys Being Naked. : Cali doesnt see any gossipy neighbors by the back yard. This is her chance to work out in the buff under the sun without a creepy guy peeping at her. She has the whole afternoon off for herself. She does her calisthenics in the yard, stripping off her top and her gym shorts. Dig those toeless gym socks and her girlie thong panties, the thong part wedged in her butt crack! Nice! Cali pulls em off and lays down on the blanket to do her leg lifts. That doesnt last long because she cant keep her fingers off her nubile, shaved cunt and perky pointers. She has small but perky tits with puffy nipples that jut through any thin top she has. Calis beginning to get warmed up from her rubbing when she feels the drops. It begins to drizzle on her lawn lounging. Whats Cali gonna do now? How can she stop?
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Fuck My Old Ass : Mishka Lee is from San Diego, California, which is normally considered a very conservative city. But Mishka Lee is anything but conservative. This 44-year-old divorcee is, in fact, very liberal when it comes to offering up her body for filthy sex. When this scene opens, Mishka is wearing a white bra and panties. The lace panties go right up the crack of her ass, which is important because her ass WILL get fucked in this video. She slaps her ass and rubs it. Clearly, Mishka Lee is very proud of her ass, but she should be proud of her tits, too, because theyre HUGE.brbrbr I need a nice hot young stud to come over here and fuck me good, she says to us. Let me suck on that nice young cock.brbrbr The guy comes over. Hes already naked, so he stands above Mishka and stuffs his cock in her face. The bed creaks. She worships his dick. He fucks her shaved pussy. The bed creaks some more, like the damn thing is gonna break. Her tits wobble. She holds onto the bedpost because if she doesnt, hes gonna fuck her right off the damn bed. He shoves his cock in her ass and fucks it so hard, you wonder how she AND the bed can take it. He stands over her and piledrive-fucks her asshole.brbrbr Oh, give me all of it, Mishka Lee says. Fuck that old ass!brbrbr You could say that Mishka Lee is greedy. After all, theres a lot of cock fucking her asshole. Or you could just say she loves cock. Well say shes a greedy cock lover and call it a day.
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Little Angel : Ill be your little angel Teagan says as she looks up into the camera with her big, blue eyes, and she means it. She pulls down her top to show you her little boobs and the sight is heavenly, and even better is her using a plastic fuckstick to probe the depths of her pussy. Now that Im in college I can masturbate all day long and not have to worry about being interrupted by my parents. And my roommate is totally cool with me getting myself off whenever. In fact, she likes to join in!
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Dildo Truck Fuck : Nella, a 19-year-old hair salon receptionist from Holbrook, New York, was down in South Florida on vacation when she decided to shoot a video for the cameras. When this video opens, shes sitting on her boyfriends truck bed wearing a red tank top and short shorts. Shes smiling, and shes obviously br I think we should film a video today, she says to the camera. We should be kinky and have fun. You know you want to see me naked and you want to watch me after we do it. What do you want to do?br br The guy, our surrogate, points at her br You like these? Because theyre br Well take em!br br Do you want me to touch myself? Nella says. You want me to play with myself? You gotta let me br Yes and yes, Nella. And she obliges, which is what this scene is all about. Nella isnt much of a tease. Around these parts, thats a good
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Spotlight On Raquel Grant : Raquel Grant has traffic-stopping tits and an overall lickable body that is nicely explored in this video shot on location in Prague. Raquel is clearly proud of her figure and has no plans to run off to a quick weight loss center. Do we give a damn if the mainstream media powers sadly ignore the full-figured woman to focus relentlessly on those board-flat psycho Hollywood actresses? Not at all. They have their thing, we have ours and that thing is to find more ripe tomatoes like Raquel. Everyone loves these sexy newcomers and Raquel is a great addition to the XLGirls universe.
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How Dirty Girls Get Clean : The sexiest fuckin big-titted bitch this side of the tracks the bad side is Soleil Hughes. When Soleil struts her culo and shakes her jambas, cars screetch to a halt. Honk if you love hooker hooters. Today, horny cum-sucker Soleil spots a customer cruising by for tail, full of nut and anxious to share it with a lady of the evening. Boing! Catch, pump and release time! They drive back to his joint. Im gonna make you very happy with this pussy, baby, Soleil says, rubbing her cunt. Could she be any more sleazy? Not a chance. How many whores let you watch them rinse their moneymakers off with water to get the previous customers stank off. This is partly how dirty girls get clean. They head off to the bed, no time to waste because time is cash and Soleil measures her time by the inch. Soleil begins sucking his cock with all the assurance that time on the streetcorner has given her long, deep, hard sucks to the root. This private fuck session will be one for the SCORE record books. Soleil will give him a pussy ride that will bring him back for more except on Christmas and Hanukah when she doesnt work. Soleil Hughes, a busty angel of the gutter.
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That Good Pussy : Some girls like to fuck and then there are girls like Millian Blu. Millian has what we like to refer to as, That Good Pussy. Its like a commodity. The kind of pussy you could trade on the stock market. Its valuable. Not only because its pink and pretty and swallows up this cock like its hungry, but because its the kind of pussy that you want to have at all times. Breakfast, lunch and dinner this is the kind of pussy that satisfies. And it doesnt hurt that Millian is fine as fuck. She has a tight, little body on her and a lush bubble ass that promises some good jiggle when spanked. And Millian has quite the mouth on her, too. She uses it for all sorts of fucking encouragement and for sucking dick sloppy and tight. But just in case we didnt hammer the point home before, we will repeat, this girl has that good pussy. Miracle pussy. Enjoy it.
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Miosotis XXXtraordinary : They dont call this hangout The Bone Bar for nothing. You are about to see a SCORE guy totally breastnotized beyond his wildest dreams. He is so breastnotized, nothing else in the world matters except the incredible Miosotis. Bartenders see pretty much everything but this man of the bar cloth is shocked when Miosotis saunters up to his watering hole for an afternoon cocktail. She gets her drink, dumped all over her jumbos, and gets cock in her tail as well. Miosotis knows that no matter a mans nationality, she doesnt need a Taser to stun him. Her twin rarities can do that trick instantaneously. Scientists says a mans IQ points drop according to the size of the tits he may encounter. Imagine the plunge Miosotis causes. Our barkeep friend obssessively alternates burying his face and his cock between Miosotis impossible norks and when she invites him to piston her pussy, the bar shuts down for the next 20 minutes. You do not want to miss Miosotis XXXtraordinary and the pictorial from November 10 SCORE. All hail, Miosotis, unrivalled queen of the busty island girls!
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Breast Wishes, Carrie Ashton : Carrie Ashton is a cuddly, tee-stretching new addition to the SCORELAND lineup and were happy to showcase a second video of this sweet-faced Kansas bomber. Carrie may be inside but that doesnt mean it cant be a wet tee video cause all she needs is a bottle of water. After dousing her luscious, jiggling chest, shes ready for more fun n games. Carrie really takes to video and looks very much at home. We can thank a fellow boob man for telling Carrie all about us and steering her the right way. An ex-boyfriend of mine buys a lot of your videos and at the end of one there was this commercial to be a SCORE model and he saw it and convinced me to come and model for you guys. I thought, hey, I can do that and here I am! Way to go. Now thats a bro. Enjoy Carrie offering up her honey-sweet treats. Shes true girlfriend material. Come back real soon, Carrie!
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Dakoda Brookes Long Distance Orgasm : Dakodas a housedancer, webcam girl and actress who knows the way to a mans heart and cock is through her cam. Shes 53, 108 pounds and has hazel-green eyes. I cheerleaded all through school and played volleyball, Dakoda said. I love to go to the beach and go shopping. I like to wear thong underwear and cheeky shorts. I dress very cute, girly and innocent. I like pink, tiny skirts and cute lacy tops. When Dakoda first modeled, she said she had never been fucked. That changed fast. I lost my virginity to my ex-high school gym teacher, revealed Dakoda. He would wear those shorts and I knew he was packing a big cock. I couldnt get him before because he was my teacher but after I got out, I offered him my body and he couldnt wait to fuck me. Now I want men to have their way with me in bed. I love to be tickled and spanked before Im fucked by a stiff cock. Split my cunt in two with your rock-hard manhood. I love a cock to fill me up tight from every position. Sometimes I like to give guys one of my toys and let him use it on me until I cum many times. I do girls too. One night I went out clubbing with my BBF and we danced all night. I got her home and talked her into hooking up with me. She said she had never been with a girl before. We licked each others pussies for a hour. Guys think I am cute. Now you can watch me cum through my cam. Roll the video!
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Lady-jackin : Phoenix is a 55 year-old sexaholic from New Mexico. She is nasty and raunchy with a sweet personality, that is and she likes it like that. I masturbate about once a day and thats besides fucking my friends, Phoenix reveals. I love cock but I also love fucking myself with a vibrator or dildo. I also masturbate while Im being fucked. I like to rub my clit or vibrate it with a toy while my partner is shoving his dick up me deep. Its an entirely different feeling. I want to prove that not only young women can be hot and get a lot of sex from lots of guys. One of my favorite things to do once in a while is to go to a nice adult store with a horny guy and pick out a new toy, maybe something crazy looking, a bottle of lube and maybe something else that looks interesting, like feathers, ticklers or a hot outfit and heels, then go to my place or his place and have a sex party for the night. Theres a circle of people in my life, very sexual, swinger-types, and thats how I can hook up fast for the night. Just a phone call away!
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A Woman Of Few Words And Many Orgasms : Suz Chase, whos 50 and from Northern Georgia, generally isnt a woman of few words, but she doesnt say much in this video. She mainly moans a lot. She starts out by rubbing her pussy through crotchless panties, and when her stud shows up, she licks her lips, and we dont get a lot of vocalize out of her until the dude starts licking, then fucking, her pussy, at which point Suz says stuff like, Oh, fuck, yes! Of course, Suz doesnt say much when shes sucking cock, either, which is understandable considering she has a dick deep in her mouth.brbrbr Some more information about Suz. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Shes 54, 120 pounds with measurements of 34-26-36. Her sexual fantasy goes like this Im cooking dinner, and someone comes up behind me and starts kissing my neck, then touching me, and we wind up doing it in the kitchen.brbrbr That someone, by the way, doesnt have to be her husband.brbrbr Suz one had sex on deck during a booze cruise in Jamaica. She sucked and fucked. The crew and a bunch of other people watched.brbrbr I like to be watched, Suz said.brbrbr And that, gentlemen, is all the invitation you need.
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Hurry Up And Hump! : Katie lives at home and getting off can be such a pain. Not only does she run the risk of getting interrupted, but her parents would so ground her if they found her fucking a boy under their roof. Fortunately for you, thats not enough to deter her from getting cock. She calls her boyfriend over and tells him to hurry-theyve only got an hour to screw till her parents return. As soon as he walks in the door he takes off her bra and shirt and goes straight for her boobies. Then her panties come off and hes all up in her twat. Even though theyre pressed for time, Katie doesnt skimp on the blow job. After getting him nice and hard with her mouth, she gets him even harder by pounding her pussy on his cock. Good thing no one was home theyd definitely hear her moans and the sound of their bodies slapping together as they fuck.
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Denisa Is Hot, Pink and Busty : Denisa is silent during this fresh XLGirls video because she has her mouth full of her nipples during a large portion of it. She gives her veiny tits a good workout, giving each nipple a lot of attention. Even though she is silent Denisa doesnt speak English, she does gasp and moan plenty as she plunges and thrusts a pussy-stick into her pink hole. When she cums, she removes the toy from her dripping slit and puts it in her mouth, licking her sweet juices off it. Actions do speak louder than words.
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Amanda Is Shy? Bullshit! : Amanda Bryant, whos now 20 and from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, once told us, Im not shy at work, but Im real shy around guys, so they think Im a snobbish bitch. Amanda proved that she isnt really so shy by fucking elsewhere on In this video, she seems a bit shyer because shes so quiet, but answer this Would a shy girl do what Amandas doing here which is taking off her top, squeezing her tits, making her nipples hard and then playing with her sopping-wet pussy? No, she wouldnt. So that shy stuff? Probably bullshit. At least when it comes to br Being on has given me more confidence, Amanda said, offering a possible br By the way, there are no toys in this video. Just Amandas increasingly-wet fingers and her very wet pussy. Skin on skin, the old-fashioned way. You gotta love it.
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Titty Tagger : Janet Jade is looking to pull some mischief and shes inviting everyone along to check her out. The 38DDD beauty has found a secluded industrial area to play her titty games. She simply walked in under the nose of the snoozing security guard. And when it comes to titty games, Janet has all the right tools for the right job! Where does she come up with all these ideas? Shes hip, shes hot, shes happening. Shes Janet Jade, one of the top SCORE Girls of the last ten years and dont you forget it!
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Make It Clap! : Gemini Lovell is a hot shorty from New York who spends her days in the big city and her nights as an exotic dancer. And why do we love dancers here at BootyLicious? Because they know how to drop it down and make it clap! Watch as Gemini makes her cheeks pop, jiggle and shake before making that ass do a standing ovation. Listening to her ass clap will make your cock applaud, we promise. Then, she gets drilled and filled and the whole time, her bubble keeps bouncing back for deeper drilling! Gemini is a newcomer, but you will come back again and again to see her cushion get cocked down. Its true what they say, blonds have more fun!
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Siennas Cream Filling : As soon as Sienna Hills and Mr. Largo started fucking their brains out, we could hear her screams of pleasure through the thick walls of the XLGirls studio. This gal really loves the cock and its a pleasure to have her back for another go at her favorite recreation. This time its creampie time. Instead of taking the pop shot to her huge melons, mouth or face, Siennas gonna get zinged right in her deep pink and shes gonna let it drip out. Her giant tits will swing like bell clappers when shes banged in doggie by his express train of man-sausage until the missiles are launched. Its Siennas first creampie thumping at XLGirls and she was game to go. We could hear Sienna urging him to paste her pussy and whos gonna say no to this hot piece of ass? A cream stuffing will do wonders for Sienna.
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Busty Island Girl Chica : One of the first busty babes from the Dominican Republic to enter SCORELAND in 2004 was a hottie named Yanine Diaz. More soon followed including Melanie, Thalia, Lisa, Elena and Mila. We called them the Busty Island Girls and it led to a DVD release. They were all big-boobed, slim and sexy and they posed hot, plugging their pussies with rubber cocks, but they didnt boil over. When we photographed the incredible Miosotis recently, we also hooked up with Chica, a girl who strongly reminded us of those original Busty Island Girls in face and body. Chica most strongly resembles Melanie. At some angles, her face resembles a thinner version of the great Brazilian, Angelique. The big difference between Chica and her island predecessors is that Chica likes to do the horizontal salsa on camera. Not only that but Chicas very inventive and enthusiastic. They were relatively shy, at least on camera. Chica is wild from any direction. She didnt want any time to think it over. Chica was ready for cock time immediately. She really loves to fuck and the camera gets her even more charged up and eager to please. It hasnt been that long since 2004 but the Busty Island Girls have really changed.
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Welcome to Angel Gees Sports Bar : If you think Angel Gee is a wild-ass, you aint seen nothin until you see what goes on in this SCORE sports bar. Not only can you get beer and chicken wings with hot sauce, you can get the biggest breasts you can handle. Forget every sports bar and restaurant you have ever been to with their T-shirt and booty shorts clad C-cuppers. This place is the real deal for breast and leg lovers. After your wings and brew, your buddy arranges for Angel to take you in private and show you what shes made of. Inch by stacked inch! Shes always happy to accomodate a regular customer. If you know a better sports bar than this, and we doubt it, we want to know about it!
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Jennys A Lifeguard. Shell Rescue Your Load. : Jenny Lees interviewer pegs her right in the first second of this video. Shes a cutie. A definite cutie bursting with girly-girl cuteness and happiness. Fresh, bubbly and nicely built. A wholesome face and a round, juicy butt. Real girlfriend material. Shes a lifeguard from Miami, Florida, 19 years-old and also a coed. The perfect candidate to try to get naked. And shes very eager to please. Jenny tickles him with her use of the term fuck buddies when she talks about sex. She doesnt need to explain the process to him but its sexy to hear her talk about it in her wholesome way, like Gidget being unselfconsciously naughty. She chats about playing water volleyball with other lifeguards and then going home horny so she has to masturbate, the sex energy of youth pumping through her body. Thats when our man sees if Jenny is game to show him how she masturbates right then and there. Youve got to love a girl who brings her own lube to a photo shoot. This video should come with a supply of insulin because Jenny is so sweet! Its also Jennys first and last time baring her beautiful bod for the camera. The perfect girl-next-door!
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Voyeur Games : Haylo likes to be watched by her neighbor across the way in the building next to hers. They play a game of peek-a-boo while she is on her balcony and today she is going to take their game to the next level by letting him come over and watch her play with her long legs and her cute feet. Notice her French pedicured shrimps and how they flex around her toy while she fingers her clam. This blonde is a horny exhibitionist and she likes the voyeur in you.
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Heavy Jugs Round Butt : No time wasted here with plumbers or door-to-door air conditioner salesmen. Kelly Starr takes the cock in her throat from the start. After that, she and Mr. Steed fuck like the house is on fire and they need to cum before running out. This is the kind of scene that our grandfathers used to watch with a movie projector in a room full of thick cigar smoke and several bottles of Canadian Club. No story, no plot, no interview, no set-up. Just raw, unleashed fucking. Big-butted, big-titted Kelly is a screamer--a real screamer--so you may want to keep the volume low unless youve got headphones on. She rarely stops from yelling the minute Mr. Steed thrusts his beef injection into her pink hole!
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Sweet American Pie : I came here to have fun, says Jade, a 44-year-old divorcee who was born in upstate New York and now lives in South Florida. I love the outdoors. I love water sports. I love the beach. I love bicycling. I love to ride. Both my bike and cock.brbrbr There we go! Jade is the epitome of the term MILF, the kind of woman the makers of the movie American Pie were thinking of. She has a tight little body and a beautiful, mature, knowing face. She doesnt wait for guys to make the first move. She makes it, and if the guy is half her age, thats even better.brbrbr I once had sex with a 19-year-old, she says. My friends and I were out on a boat, and I picked him up on a sand bar, brought him back to the boat and got busy with him in the cabin.brbrbr The guy Jades having sex with in this video is 24. Thats about the right age for her.brbrbr Young guys have no trouble getting it up, and when were done fucking, I dont have to worry about them wanting a long-term relationship because Im in control, Jade said. I let them know that its just about sex.brbrbr Like we said, Jade is the epitome of the term MILF. Enjoy this piece of American pie.
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Girls Know What Girls Like : Teagan and Isabella are college roomies. Teagan is a blonde, and Isabella is a tan Latina. Together, they make a perfect combo for a hot lezzie lickfest. Isabella has never had a sexual experience with another girl, but Teagan is more than happy to break her lezzie cherry. The two start kissing passionately and make their way down to one anothers tiny boobs. They suck and tease nipples--and eventually one anothers clits. Girls are more sensual, says Teagan. Amen to that! Both girls cum up a storm--first from the hot oral they give each other, and then from sexy dildo action!
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The Next Fuck Network Star : Nella Jay is back to fuck for the cameras. Shes a sexy teen from Long Island she turned 19 shortly after this video was shot who says, I know I look older. Maybe its from hanging around older br We think its because of her tits, which are D-cups. And her face, which always has that just-fucked br I dont like to masturbate, Nella told us. I like guys to make me br That happens in this video, which is Nellas first hardcore scene. She tells us that her stud is gonna cum on my face. Sure enough, after hes fucked her long and hard and received an outstanding blow job, he squirts his load all over Nellas face and leaves her glazed. And at that point, she has future porn star written all over her. Watch and see if you agree.
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Big Knockin Jugs : Charlie Cooper recently debuted on XLGirls to great acclaim. Her 38G tits knocked everyone out. They are not simply big jugs, They are big knockin jugs. And Charlie has more than just huge, gorgeous bazooms. She has a smokin bod and a lovely face. Her personality is very down-to-earth. Shes friendly and enthusiastic. Ms. Cooper is the complete package. She likes funny, assertive, confident men. A quiet, relaxing evening at home is her favorite way to enjoy herself, not running around town. A boyfriend and I went and checked out a swingers club was pretty crazy, Charlie remembered but other than that, her lifestyle is not kinky or wild. The praise poured in after Charlies outdoor solo debut and many members immediately petitioned to see Charlie do a hardcore XXX scene with a guy. This is it! Charlie Cooper fucking and sucking for the first time on XLGirls. Definitely an event to cherish. So here we go with Charlie Cooper showing what she can do with that hot body, huge love-pillows and sexy mouth!
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Bust You In The Face! : This time back at SCORE, its been amazing because I got to do something I havent done before, which is have sex on camera says Stephanie Stalls, these days a brunette. With Stephanie, theres a lot of T and A to hold onto during the ride! It took a while to arrange this hardscore X trip but you know what they say about good things. She could be a kissin cousin to fellow titty-shaker Angel Gee. Even their measurements are almost identical. Being a big-bust feature, an endangered species these days on the strip club circuit, Stephanie shows off her grinding and striptease talents first, working up Enzo into a breastnotic trance. Who says big tits dont turn a guys brain into a jelly donut? Then Stephanie shows him what a great blow job artist she is, for starters. Then the pole work and Stephanie is as hot as we imagined. Im really aggressive with my dances, and the guys love it. Every so often, Ill go a little slow and be sensual, but I like being aggressive. Im the same way in sex although making a video with a stranger is a lot different than having sex in your home. But I have the mind of a porn star, the busty Kentuckian says. She loves male attention. I want to be looked at! Im used to being looked at all the time. I mean, Im in the magazine because I want to be looked at. I went online and saw the comments about me. Stephanie has a second XXX vid at and shell be starring in a feature-length film based on SCOREtv.
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The Girl In Room 38G : Fifteen minutes alone in a room with Taylor Steele? Wed want fifteen hours if we could get it! 15 days. The fact is, theres no such thing as enough already with a girl like this! A guy wants more, more, more. Those yellow bra and panties in this vid and in her November 10 V-Mag layout holds the precious treasures SCORELAND Guys love so dear. Is Taylor a horny young beauty? She is indeedy-do. Im always initiating sex and after sex, Ill initiate it again and again! says Taylor who just looks horny no matter the time, the place or the occasion. Im very sexually assertive. I get what I want. Im satisfied best when a guy dominates me. I do like to have an emotional connection with a guy so when he tries to befriend me first...thats what gets me. Sexy to me is when a man cums inside me. My perfect day involves lots of sex in every possible position. The worst thing a man can say to a girl is No more sex. Anyone who would even think of saying that to Tayor...well, that guy would need his head examined!
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Pretty As A Sunrise : The beauty of the tropics is meaningless next to the beauty and voluptuousity of Taylor Steele. Her sex appeal is off the charts. The question is Does the nation of Canada deserve Taylor Steele? Or do they take her for granted? SCORE has tirelessly worked hard to bring Taylor to the world for the gratification of breast-lovers everywhere. The Canadians havent even bought her lunch, not even once, or sent her a free bra. Wouldnt things be better if Taylor moved to Florida near SCORE headquarters. She wouldnt have to deal with those brutal Canadian winters either and freeze her nipples. If William Shatner can move to the States and have a long career in entertainment, why cant Taylor? She is great at solo! Simply fascinating, comments Jeims. Jimbo writes, Taylor has a beautiful face and a body to match, I always want to see more of her, keep her cuming. Vince has a dream, The day she does a hardcore scene is the day I call out of work. And Hari says, I love, love, love Taylor. Cant wait for more of her! SCORE Men have spoken.
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Why TV Repairman Is A Dream Job : Ah, the ol TV repairman fucks the MILF scene...theres one thats been done a million times, but we never get tired of it. Here, 44-year-old Cheyanne is with her TV repairman. He asks her if theres anything else he can do to help her, and she says, Theres one more thing you can do for me. Fuck me in my old ass. Lets see what youre working with! Hes shocked, but hes willing to see what he can do. He slaps her ass, then she sucks his cock, then he fucks her pussy and then, finally, he fucks her old ass. You know, its just like these TV repairman to do everything else before getting down to the job at hand. Besides, as a TV repairman, you think this kind of thing would happen to him all the time. You know, fucking horny MILFs. TV repairmen and delivery men. They really have the life.
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Naughty Student : Therere a lot of good things about Sasha. Shes a fresh-faced Asian. She has braces. Shes wearing a schoolgirl outfit. She has little boobs. But our favorite thing about her is her dirtiness. Shes not afraid to talk like a little slut or rub her pussy like one either. I tried to be bad today at school so I could get detention. I wanted to spend some extra time with you, my favorite teacher. Its so hard to concentrate in your class cause all Im thinking about is you and how badly I want to ravage your body, she says. We dont actually get to see how Sasha ravages a cock in this video, but we see her go to town on her own pussy, and its a trip. She teases her clit from the outside of her panties like a little strumpet, then rubs that button and shudders with pleasure.
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The Pussy Snatcher : Sierra is an 18 year-old farmers daughter living out in the country with her tough-guy father. Mom left with a traveling salesman. Her dad is leaving for the night to hit the saloon and he warns Sierra not to go out past her curfew. He also tells her he doesnt want her mixing with a Latin guy thats been hanging around his precious daughter. She promises him that shell obey. Sierra is going to follow his first command and stay in. The second command shes already broken because the dude is hiding under the bed. When pop leaves, he springs into action. Sierra is too hot for his hung dick to even wait until she hears Pops truck leave or to make sure he hasnt forgotten something and comes back. Her suitor licks her creamy slit to warm her up, then pounds the fucking shit out of her country cooze in as many positions as he could find in the porn book he studied. Shell be begging him not to stop. What the old man doesnt know wont bother him. If he knew that this punk was slamming his girl, hed fill the guys ass fill of buckshot from his trusty shotgun!
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How J.C. Spent Her Summer Vacation : J.C. Simpson is 18 and from New Hampshire. Shes a media studies student at a school of higher learning in Baltimore, Maryland, and she was staying with a friend in Miami, Florida recently when this video was shot. Shes wearing denim shorts over her tight, little ass, and shes pretty in a slutty kind of way. At the start of this video, shes smoking a cigarette, exhaling sexily, and teasing our camera man, a guy shed just met. We dont know if he got to fuck her later on--J.C. fucked last time we saw her on we know he wouldve liked to. Who wouldnt?br br So, J.C. strips slowly and shows off her firm tits and shaved pussy, which is vajazzled to use the current term for a decorated pussy. Then she uses her fingers to stuff her pussy, a dildo not being available, and cums softly but hard, then licks her pussy cum off her br I cant wait to tell my friends at school what I did all summer! she said. I betcha Im the only one who did anything like this!br br Did she say all summer?br
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Cum Fill The 34GG Cups! : Since she first entered the hallowed halls of hooters in 2005, Summer Sinn has been a popular favorite at SCORE. Her 34GG knockers and sexy bod beg to be used and cummed on and thats whats happened on her many visits to SCORE. Even she cant keep her hands off her jugs. Give both of them plenty of attention, Summer says. That gets me going. Lick them and suck them. I like it. Softly, because theyre sensitive. Dont bite them. Im not into domination. Maybe start out by licking them a little, then sucking them a little, then licking them some more, then sucking some more. Pay lots of attention to them. Go from one to the other. Sucking on my boobs gets me all wet! My boobs are so sensitive, it feels good to have a guys cock between them. Sometimes guys get lost in my boobs, but they dont seem to mind. I can make just about any cock disappear. Youd never guess that she was bashful at one time, not the way she handles herself. I was kinda shy growing up and kinda quiet, and I really didnt do much, so I think people would be shocked if they saw me now. But theyre not shocked because I still know most of those people and they know what Im doing. But if Id looked ahead then, I wouldnt have imagined that Id be doing this! They wouldnt be shocked, Summer. Theyd want to fuck you.
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Chocolate Thunder! : Hershey Bryant has a hefty, chocolate caboose. She has an ass so big, and so juicy that when she bends over and gets on all fours, all you see is fat ass. And that ass can take quite a pounding, too. Hershey slaps that ass over and over and she slaps it hard. Then she tells you that she wants you to ride her. Now, when a big-assed woman tells you to mount up, you do it, especially when she has as much ass as Hersheys and its spilling out of her tiny shorts. Hershey is the kind of girl who wants a rough rider, thats why she pulls out a huge toy that she nicknames yellow Superman and then she whacks her ass with that, too. Now, we are no experts, but all the ass-slapping in this video can only mean one thing and thats that Hershey likes it hard and rough. So what are you waiting for? Give it to her.
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Bust My Lap! : The great XLGirls newcomer Daniella Grey performs a simple experiment using Peter as a motorboat test dummy. How much of his face and head can she bury between her big, succulent 36I breasts? It looks like she can smother all of his face and a good portion of his head. One of Daniellas tits is about as big as his head. Very impressive. This only reinforces our opinion that Daniella is another awesome discovery by XLGirls. Daniella gives Peter her nipples to suck on. Nipple sucking is definitely something she loves. Turned on, she dives for his stiff pole. Prepare to see some high-quality throating and tit-fucking! Is Daniella ready for the flesh-hammer? Well, she says she doesnt get a lot of sex in her everyday life. Shocking! Whats up with the guys there? We figured shed have to beat em off with a baseball bat. Just roll the video and find out! XLGirls salutes Daniella Grey, a hot new brabuster we love.
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Hootery Hangover : A post-partum Kali West is looking even more curvy and voluptuous now. After starring in Mamazon The Movie as a sexy jungle babe, then returning eight months pregnant in solos and a horny Tits and Tugs scene, a more zaftig Kali is back at the SCORE Studio in this oven-fresh SCORELAND video. The extra curves and voluptuosity look good on her. Kali is as comfy as ever riding the bologna saddle. Its always a treat to see those tits bounce and jiggle. Kali is always very natural and very relaxed and comfortable in front of the cameras and it shows. Welcome back, Kali West. Always nice to have you cum here...and see your lovely, big boobs get covered in man-juice!
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Doing That Crazy Hand Jive : Kristy Klenot and Melissa Mandlikova waste no time proceeding right to the action. They dont like to dawdle. The hand party kicks off immediately with Kristy furiously jerking Mr. Johnson, her face a mask of pure lust, her voice dripping with erotic intensity. Kristy deserves an award for dirty talking. The aggressor of the two girls, the ringmistress Kristy calls Melissa over to claim her share of inches too. Kristy calls the shots, Melissa obeys. This is an epic tits and tugs job lasting an incredible 17 minutes and in lots of positions. Kristy and Melissa are non-stop and a textbook example of strokin and boob-bangin at its hottest. They make a boobtastic team!
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Career Recommendations Massage Therapist : Rubbing down the fine, fine bodies that you used to pin-up on your walls. Meeting the sexiest women that you can get your hands on the very first minute you meet them! Letting women come to you for your very special services. They melt under your trained fingers. Yes, were spouting on about the wonderful career of massage therapy. A career where you get paid by the very women you fondle and they dont even complain to mall security! Yes, you read that right they pay you. I owe this great life to my new career as a trained massage therapist, says our paid spokesman Johnny Rod, shown here in this video performing his hands-on therapeutic work on Miss Bryant, one of many eager clients. Before that, I was working in a dead-end job! Now I meet the hottest girls in town and they pay me. Lets follow Johnny as he enjoys a typical day at work, doing the things he loves best. Yes, maybe its time you considered a change of your own. Have you ever considered the wonderful world of massage therapy? Call now for a free brochure! Youll be glad you did. Johnny sure is!
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Satin Sex : Meet Sandy Beach. Interior decorator. Mom. Milf. Sandy likes romantic fucking. We had the right shiny sheets for that. A few rose petals and were ready to start the cameras rolling on the screwin. Sandy has 40D tits and weighs 115 pounds. Shes 54 and always wears fuck-me shoes, even to get her mail. Sandy loves a hard rod pumping her lovely, mature punani. She also gets excited massaging a dudes cock with her feet because its kinky and different. My soles are as soft as my palms. I like masturbating guys before we have sex, sometimes with my hands, sometimes with my feet. It makes me feel bad. I love the feel of a dick against my toes. We told you Sandy was romantic. Ms. Beach also likes running to stay in sexy MILF shape, cooking for men to replenish the guy-goo they have given her and watching Angelina Jolie movies when shes not screwing younger dudes that she cruises for in different places. Sandy masturbates herself too. My clit stimulator is my best friend! Let us tell ya, this chick really likes the fuckin cock. A woman like her always room for more friends!
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Gillian Fucks For Fun : When this video opens, Gillian Sloan, working girl, is writhing in bed, running her hands all over her tight, little body, teasing us.brbrDo you want to pinch my nipples? she asks. Do you want to touch me? Do you want to slip your cock inside me? Then she tells us, I want to feel nice, warm cum all over my body. I love to feel it dripping between my thighs, mixing with the wetness from my pussy.brbrIn the end, Gillian gets a facial, but thats okay by her, because as the camera closes in, we get nice, jackable views of her cum-covered face. In between, Gillian has her pussy eaten, and while thats going on, she says, Oh, I want to suck your cock. How many women beg to suck cock when theyre having their pussies eaten? Not many. Think about it Do you ever ask to eat pussy when youre having your cock sucked?brbrThen Gillian gets her pussy pounded in a variety of positions. Yeah, shes a real-life escort, but that doesnt mean she doesnt enjoy fucking. She does.brbrGillian is 45 and from New Jersey, although she spends a lot of her time in Nevada. Shes a fan of the New York Yankees--Derek Jeter even signed a ball for me in a restaurant--and she enjoys reading, watching movies, going to the beach and going for drinks in dive bars with friends. Yeah, we said dive bars. Because even though Gillian looks classy very classy, a girls got to get down and dirty once in a while.brbrAnd thats where comes in.
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Buck Naked on a Boat : Jessica is the perfect teen beach bunny. She has long, blonde hair, a svelte figure and smooth, tanned skin. Shes the bikini babe who makes you stay in the water a bit longer so that no one sees the tent youre pitching. Shes the girl you practically break your neck for while staring at her walk by on the sand. In this video shes getting kinky on a boat. With no around, its just you and her in a tropical paradise. Her tiny bikini comes off to expose her small tits, tight ass and perfectly shaven pussy. Her puffy pussy lips looks amazing as she spreads them apart and sticks her finger inside her tight slit. I really need to get off right now. I hope youll get off with me, she says. You heard the girl. Now dont let her down!
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Step Up 2 The Boobs : If Janet Jade wants to admire her cock-pleasing body in the mirror, more power to her! Shes wearing a new outfit she just bought, a sheer body suit cut to expose her bubble butt-cheeks with a top numbered 69 that clings to her 44 inch 38 triple-D boom-booms like a second skin. Janet is taller thanks to her stacked dancer heels that arch her back and thrust her chest forward. She is truly an erection producer. Janet has some time to kill until her girlfriend comes by to pick her up--where theyre going we dont know--so she decides to satisfy an urge with the help of her battery-operated boyfriend. Rubbing one out will relax her. We aint going anywhere so shell have to do it while we capture the moment on digital. Im sure a lot of men think Im special because of these, said Janet, pointing to her tits. But there are other special things about me. Then again, when guys look at a magazine like SCORE, the only thing that matters is your boobs, so if guys like them and think mine are special, thats great. And if they got to know me, theyd find out there are other special things about me. Either way, its great. Roll the video!
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Candie, Candie, How Does Your Garden Grow? : Its hot down here in South Florida, and Candie Lynn, a 21-year-old student from Boca Raton, picked a helluva day to water her garden. Fortunately, shes not wearing much, just a little dress that doesnt even cover her ass when she bends br Its hot out here, Candie said. She bends over so we can see more of her ass, then takes a drink of water, spills some of it on her tits and rubs it in. Her nipples poke br Oh, that feels so much better, she says, and before we know it, Candie is ignoring her garden and paying attention to her pussy. She hoses it down, keeping the spigot on high, then lies down and gets on all br I wish I could have a cock in my ass, she br No cock is nearby, so she settles for a dildo br Itll do, Candie said. But there are times when I really need to get fucked by the real thing, and this was one of br Poor Candie. Poor Candies pussy. Lucky
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Kendra Grace Takes Over XLGirls : Step up and meet Kendra Grace. She will give you a giant woodie. You probably know that from her photo set. In the opener of Kendra Grace Takes Over XLGirls, our cameraman chats with Kendra so we can learn a little about her and get a 40FF-tit show before Mr. Cock enters and starts suckin on those tawny nips. I like making the guy happy and seeing the look of satisfaction on his face as he titty-fucks me, says Kendra. I like the feeling of his cock pumping between my tits. Kendra had her virginity taken relatively late. I lost my virginity when I was 22 years old. I was more shy before that. I think that when I grew boobs Ibecame more confident and open to saying what I wanted. And thats probably why I didnt have sex until I was 22. Its cool to be a late blossomer. It might even be better for a girl sometimes. I think Ive always been very in tune with what I wanted sexually, Imay just not have always been able to speak up about it. And Iam a Scorpio. Yeah, I was kind of a late bloomer in that sense. Igot boobs all of a sudden at 19. Iwas in the Navy, and we had gone out on a cruise. When Igot back, I was given mooring line duty. And it just seemed like the more Ipulled on those mooring lines, the bigger my boobs got. The kinkiest thing Ive ever done is probably having sex on film. Oh, and probably the time that I had sex on my Navy ship in the barber shop with a fellow sailor. There wasnt anyone around and we snuck in there and got it on all over the place. So give Kendra your 21cc salute. Shell be glad you did! Until next time, Kendra Grace, thank you for the thumperoo!
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Pink All Over : Our cameramaninterviewer noticed that Tania I Cant Be Good All The Time Ramirez was extremely nervous as he trained his phallic lens upon her feminine delicacies. The Brooklyn, New York transplant living in Miami has that deer in the headlights expression, making her even more fuckable. He barrages Tania with a bunch of questions and she answers with a shy attitude, fidgeting on the bed. He wants to know if this college freshman has sex fantasies about her teachers. There is one guy. She thinks about him fucking her from behind and sucking her puffy nipples. She wants him to kiss her pussy. He squeezes the truth out of her. She masturbates at home thinking about this teacher. Now that she has confessed, our operator wants her to show him exactly what she does. Tania does as he says and rubs one out with her fingers, stroking her shaved, pink cock-hole until she hits the big O. Shes clearly a good student and has a good, obedient attitude. Maybe this will induce the cutie-pie to tell this instructor what shes been jilling-off to although its doubtful that Tania will fess up. If she does tell him, we cant see the guy not wanting to take her to a motel and fuck the shit out of her after class. She looks like shed be a great sex student.
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Smooth As Silk : Go where no man has gone before. Not counting SCORE camera men. To the sanctuary of Karina Harts bathroom where she indulges in the art of the shave, one of the most personal acts in the feminine grooming repetoire. Watching some ordinary chick do this would be routine but it becomes visual splendor with someone as voluptuously built as Karina. You know, the debate about shaved pussies versus bush has raged for decades. The Scorecard letter section on SCORELAND is filled with ten years of opposing opinions and the discussion has spilled over to the Blog. From the hippie-dippy rainforest to the arty trim jobs to the cue ball look, everyone has his personal favorites. Most of the girls today are pro-smoothie but that also depends on what countries they come from or their day-to-day lives. Every time bush comes up, the comments increase. Like Stephanie Stalls. I like shaved pussies! Stephanie says. I dont like hairy pussies. If I want to go down south, I want the girl to be shaved. I dont like hair down there! If a girls pussy has a strip, thats okay, but I dont like a hairy pussy. Guys need to be shaved down there, too. Cherry Bradys position has been well-known since she first started modeling. The red-haired one brings well-organized points to the discussion that include female psychology. In one of her Blog comments, Cherry wrote, The woman who shaves her pussy bare is the type of woman who will not make you turn the lights off before sex. In fact, shell let you shine a flashlight on it! The woman who shaves makes her sex open and vulnerable, on display, right out there, in your face, bam! As we watch Karina apply the shaving cream, and carefully groom her beautiful bits in this vid, keep in mind the ultimate winner in this debate. Whoever owns the pussy, wins.
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Ziggy Gets Zagged : Ziggy Blue. Okay, this lithe, nubile blonde looks like the pretty blonde serving you a plate of chicken wings and a pitcher of brew at the local Wooters restaurant. Yeah, shed be wearing those booty shorts and a skinny top, sucking off the manager in his office after work. Today shes waiting on a swing-chair for this fucker to wordless inspect her white underpants he forgot to put that little piece of paper in it after the inspection, eat out her slippery, young cunt and then have her service his dick with her mouth. Once stiff, he proceeds to pound and cream Ziggy. When we told Ziggy she was going to make a swingers video, she didnt know we meant that literally. It was good to make Ziggys dream cum true. Now shes an experienced and cum-thirsty pretty little cocksucker, craving man-meat in her pussy and between her lips all the time. She must have no problem finding guys to do her.
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Sailor Girl : Some chicks are too fucking sexy. Sailor girl Adriana Deville has a smokin body and can make a guy drop his load in record time. She likes to work out and keep in shape, play video games, go shopping and spend an evening dancing. Her favorite music is Hip Hop, Reggae and Techno dance. She loves Mafia movies, and The Sopranos. Adriana has gorgeous legs and feet. There is nothing she loves better than to see the hot spunk shoot out of a mans cock. Thats another reason why we like her! Watch as Adriana puts on a sexy body show that climaxes with a giant blue dildo inside her dripping wet cunt.
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Grade-A Hairy Pussy : The first time I had sex was with my Spanish teachers husband, who was 34, said Becca Rose, whos now 48, married and making her hardcore video debut on I gave him a blow job in his little coupe on a dimly lit side street. I got a B-minus in Spanish, the only blemish on my straight-A report card. I got a better grade from the teachers husband.brbrbr Judging by how Becca Rose sucks cock in this video, we dont doubt that for a second. No head-sucker, she. Becca sucks hard and deep.brbrbr But for many of you, the highlight of this video will be Beccas hairy pussy. One of our favorite moments is when Beccas stud goes down to eat her unshaven cunt. Beccas wearing pantyhose, but he doesnt take them off for her. No. He rips a hole in them so he can get right at her hole.brbrbr Do you like my hairy pussy, baby? Becca says. I cant wait til you fuck it.brbrbr Heres another good story from Becca Recently, I went for an interview for a part in a film, she said. I met the producerfinancial backer at a Starbucks in Manhattan. He told me that the theme was sex in public places and asked if I would be willing to do it in the bathroom a few steps away, then and there. I put a condom on him and was fucking him standing up less than a minute later. I ended up turning down the role.brbrbr These smooth do they get away with this shit?
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Nicoles First Time : Some girls are shy the first time they have sex. Not Nicole. She enters the world of sex with excitement and not a shred of reservation. She starts off by giving cock-sucking a try, and she likes it! Sucking dick is so much fun. Its my next favorite thing to sex, she told us. When its time for her to fuck, she goes wild. For a first-timer she sure fucks hard, moaning, bouncing and grinding on her guy until the headboard is beating against the wall. By the end of it, you can tell her first time was a success by her tousled hair and sweaty face. Thats how you pop a cherry!
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Sweet Sinsacion Fivesome : Its not a soul music band. Its a fuckin group sex orgy with Sweet Sinsacion, Raven Sky and Xena! Three army recruits hanging out in their military barracks off-duty, Sweet Sinsacion is dying to talk to Xena but Xena pronounced Zeena is not in a chatty mood. Shes annoyed. She wants Sinsacion to leave her alone. But Sinsacion is persistent. So persistent that she manages to join Xena on her bunk and persuade her to let her lube Xenas ass-cheeks. Sinsacion is in heaven getting her hands on Xena. Meanwhile, Raven Sky is killing time until her two sex-dates arrive. Thats her contribution to the upcoming bad girls party. Xena and Sinsacion play the butt-butting game but thats interrupted when the cocksmen arrive. These two guys, one black, one white, are going to fuck and lick the hell out of the three sexy recruits and teach them a real lesson in cum-soaked military tactics. This is the true meaning of drill instruction!
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Back On Top : Cassie Blanca is Back On Top, a hot and heavy hardcore XLGirls pictorial and video. In the opener, Cassie provides some helpful instruction and shows off her fullsome figure in a tight pink dress. Then a helpful stunt-cock provides the tubesteak lunch. One of the highlights of this video is Cassie in a nice piledriver position, having dick shoehorned into her upside-down box. Before I did it, I didnt even know it existed. Basically, my head and neck are on the floor and the rest of my body is in the air and the guy is coming down like an oil drill. Cassie displays fine cocksucking skills as well. I do get quite a few compliments on my oral skills, Cassie says. I have an oral fixation. Im always chewing gum, pen caps, straws, anything. Now Ive made a part-time career out of my oral fixation and Im a workaholic. Make that a sexaholic. Enjoying a variety of cock lenders in her videos and pictorials has changed Cassies life. Im not afraid anymore. I was afraid of actually experiencing really good sex, or having toys or doing kinky things. Now I love having sex outside and I didnt before. I was always afraid of what people would think of me. But now its like, Oh well. If they dont like it I cant change it. Im happier than Ive ever been and Im safe. Sounds like a liberated babe. Even tit-fucking was new to her until she started sexin in front of the cameras. So welcome back, Cassie Blanca. Lets roll the video and get the boobtastic action started!
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Brookes Bra Show : Brooke Tyler is a 43 year-old from Ohio who decided to get tittersized and tattooized later in life. Now she is a porn star and stripper specializing in busty MILF action. Shes a 43-year-old divorcee and mother of two from Dayton, Ohio. Brooke measures 40-24-35 and is all about sex. In this SCORE video, Brooke tries on a bunch of bras and tells our camera man all about herself and her sex life. After her bra tryouts, Brooke whips out a dildo and shoves it up her cunt. What makes this look extra dirty is Brooke has wrapped a rubber around the dildo. There something nasty about that, partly because its unusual. Any woman who licks a toy fresh out of her pussy with a rubber on it gets an extra gold star around here. Brooke will be back soon with man-meat drilling her pussy. She deserves it.
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Breast Shakers : Sensual Jane, Sophie Mae and Alex stand against a bare wall and shake and jiggle their jugs. Simple yet effective. In an example of breast warfare, which is how all wars would be fought if SCORE ran the world, Amber Lynn Bach and June Summers have a hands-free bounce battle. Another talent to add to their list of skills.
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Brick House Under Glass : The usually easygoing, fun-loving Florida wife and busty sexbomb Amber Lynn Bach is not in a good mood. She wanted to get some inches in her pussy and have her tits played with this morning but shes not going to get any. Angry, she sits on the couch and smolders, a time bomb that needs defusing and quick. Amber tugs on her big dugs and rubs her cookie through her white panties. Right in front of the window washer. Denied cock once, Amber is not about to let that happen again when another guy is in her apartment. How about I teach you some squeegee action? she asks him, not just pulling his pud like some cock tease. Amber means what she says. She starts with a handjob on the terrace. Heres one dude whos hit the big-boob bangeroo lottery. He was a shitty window cleaner anyway. Shot in this is your dick P.O.Vision
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Lillian Fayes Titz Spritz : Lillian poses for SCORE photos then showers off. Our camera follows her into the bathroom and stays while she wets down. The very slim and topheavy brunette has huge pussy curtains that look very nice with water dripping off them. Lillian treats us to an open view of them that rivals any tourist attraction we can think of.
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Tawdry Threesome : Lithe blond, Katerina Kat and curvy brunette, Sandra Romain go toe-to-toe in this lesbian seduction that soon turns into a tawdry threesome. Decked out in stockings and garters, these ladies worship each others limbs and feet lovingly, caressing and teasing with horny tongues. Katerina, a former circus contortionist, bends and twists in all sorts of positions so that Sandra can lave her digits and soles. Then, their voyeur joins in on the fun and the ladies take turns slobbering on his stiff cock and grinding their wet pussies on it. Sandra works his shaft with her experienced arches and Katerina sucks his balls, too. Then, while Katerina spanks her needy cunt, Sandra slides the length of this studs shaft into her snug asshole, riding and pumping her ass up and down, screaming with pleasure. And because in a threesome, you have to learn how to share and share alike, the ladies offer up their soles for a spraying of cum and then share their tribute by sliding their toes and peds all over one another.
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Sexy, Seductive And Slutty! : Sexy, seductive, cute-assed amateur Andi opens this video by stripping out of her button-down shirt and black, strapless lace bra. She lifts her skirt to show us that shes wearing pantyhose, then strips down to nothing and starts playing with her pussy. At that point, her stud shows up, and away we go!brbrbr Andi doesnt suck cock. She eats it. She takes it all the way into her mouth and sucks some more, as if she cant get enough. She makes gagging noises as she sucks, and suddenly, this classy blonde doesnt seem so classy anymore. She seems slutty. Cock-hungry. When she hops on top of the hard-on for a fuck, she spreads her ass cheeks so we can see her butthole. Will that butthole get fucked? Not today, but maybe one day. Her pussy is lightly furred. Itll keep your cock warm while youre fucking her hole. To wind things up, Andi opens her mouth wide for cum and lets it coat her tongue. Thats good for the immune system, you know.brbrbr For the record, Andi is 45, divorced and from Pennsylvania. Shes a graphic designer and part-time model. She enjoys volleyball, softball, Frisbee and many other sports, so, yes, shes the outdoor type. She says her hobbies are swimming, sex, cooking, sex, dancing, sex, music and sex, sex, sex!brbrbr Yes, she enjoys sex. After you watch this video, you wont question that for a second.
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Tiny Tart : My favorite thing about sex is being able to cum. I love doing doggie style, says Lena. Shes a petite pixie from Las Vegas who loves to screw. In fact, she even managed to fool around on her way to our studio in Miami from Vegas! I was sitting next to a really hot guy on the plane. I was really tired so I fell asleep on him. After I woke up we kind of clicked, and after we got off the plane we were sitting inside the airport in front of a really old couple...He started putting his hand down my pants and started taking off my top. There I was moaning and groaning, and I was staring at the old couple. They didnt say anything...Nobody said anything. We only live once, what can I say? No need to say anything else, Lena!
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Wrong Room, Right Girl : This kinda thing happens all the time, right? Youre wandering around a house full of girls with your video camera, and you happen to wander into the wrong room. But the wrong room is the right room because sitting on a bed, wearing a tiny top and a very short skirt, is Emy Diaz, a cute little thing whos talking on the phone. She hangs up and begins to tease br Youre making me horny, you br Youre making me horny, too, Emy says. Wanna stay?br br Emys tease doesnt last long. Before you know it, her tits are coming out, revealing a firm, tiny pair with caramel nipples, then shes fingering her puffy pussy, then shes using a girlie-colored toy on her pussy, and, damn, how the hell are you holding that camera steady, man?br
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The Awesome Tit Power of Vanessa Del! : Its foosball time in the D.R. where the livin is easy and the women are so stacked, they seem to come from another world and it aint Uranus! No, these girls are super-developed and have tits far bigger than the majority of the planets females. What is it about the D.R. that has produced women like Vanessa Del, Miosotis, Kristina Milan and others? We dont know but theyre here, they like getting naked and they love to fuck on camera. Mr. Cock is playing foosball with Vanessa but he quickly gives it up to nosedive between her 40JJs and motorboat them. Vanessa loves masculine attention and hard dicks. Our kind of woman. Earthy, lusty and not shy! They share mutual sucking and licking until theyre both ready to ride. Vanessa greedily pumps his pole with her wet, heavenly cunt. Foosball can wait. They have a much hotter and hornier game to play. Vanessas flesh mountains must be annointed with his special ball juice and she would not have it any other way. Lets roll the XLGirls video!
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Nice and Nasty : Meet Nadia Night. Shes new. This is her first time at SCORELAND. I like yummy cock, says Nadia, a Floridian with her sex burners set to high. Shes here to ride the baloney pony and she enjoys it, holding nothing back. Nadia savors being a sex kitten. Thats what men like and I like being one. I expect a guy to fuck me good and hard if Im giving him my body. Ive had a lot of sex but every time is always special to me. I dress hot because I like men to see what theyre going to be getting in bed before we go to bed. I give 100 when I fuck a guy. Nadia licks off the big show with some playtime while she waits for her sex date to arrive. Once he shows up, hes on Nadia like butter on pancakes. And shell be getting lots of man-butter after they thump their brains out. I like being naughty and dirty. I like having a guy be really into my body, go wild on me, fuck my tits, fuck my mouth, suck my nipples. Just give it to me hard and dont worry about anything. Fuck me like you mean it. The harder I get fucked, the harder I cum and thats good for both of us. Nadia Night, get crazy on this dude!
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
My Breasts Like Creaming : Dreamy and creamy. Thats Sophie Mae. Since the first day she appeared in the SCORELAND special Czeching Out Prague, Sophie has been the stuff big-boobed dreams are made of. She has a body that wont quit!. In this Voluptuous vid, My Breasts Like Creaming, Sophie pours so much white skin cream on her rich, supple body that its surprising that she doesnt just slide off the bed! Sophie shows every inch of her sexy, voluptuous body and a sensational body it is. When she offers her tits up for complete inspection, count your blessings! Girls like her dont come along every day of the week!
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Kitchen Re-Modeling : On August 30th, 2010, SCOREVideos presented a video of magnificent Natalie Fiore having fun in the kitchen, inducing everyone to go nuts over her huge 36G, 44 inch tits. Tits that have expanded remarkably in the past few years weve known her. In this behind-the-scenes video of that day, Natalie poses for photos and more, laying on the counter top and doing everything possible to her ginormous, beautiful flesh-pillows. The top she wears in the beginning of the video is one of the single greatest tops a SCORE or Voluptuous model has ever worn, a tight, black and white striped tank-top that is stretched beyond molecular endurance. How the fabric of Natalies top could withstand such incredible pressure and stretching from her massive frontal shelf is beyond scientific understanding. I dont even wear a bra much of the time, because its hard for me to find the right size, Natalie explained. I look for hours and days and cant find them. So I prefer to wear a T-shirt with no bra. Sometimes my nipples come poking right through. So I get a lot of attention wherever I go. But I love the attention. Who wouldnt love that? Every woman loves the attention of men. If they say they dont they are hypocrites. There are no such women!
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
G-Spot Exploration : Me and my boyfriend were looking through this sex book with all these really detailed photos of vaginas and penises. The book said something about a G-spot...I didnt exactly know what that was. Id heard my friends talk about it before, but I didnt know where it was or how it felt when someone found it. My boyfriend ended up showing me, and wow...when a guy finds your G-spot its the best. It feels so good! Better than anything else. He made me have lots of orgasms from eating me out and fucking me. I think the book really helped us. Thank god I found it!
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Jessie Lets Her Fingers Do The Fucking : Jessie Andrews, an 18-year-old store clerk from Coconut Grove, Florida, doesnt need a toy when she wants to br Ive never even used one, she said. I use my fingers to get off. I rub my clit and pull my pussy lips till Im close to cumming, then I stick my fingers in my hole and fuck it till I cum. If Im really horny, I do it two or three br Once is enough in this video for Jessie, who does it outdoors by the pool and even gives us jack-off instructions before she gets to work on her pussy, telling us, Slowly unbutton your pants, unzip that zipper, pull your drawers down a little bit, take off your undies-damn, this is taking forever!-give it a little lube and so on, and so on. Of course, we dont need to be told how to do it. But with a girl like Jessie, its always nice to hear,
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Meet Lana Ivans, New SCORE Babe : Meet Lana Ivans, a hot new hottie. Lana has a gorgeous, busty body and shes ultrasexy as you will see in her very first video. I like to dance a lot, I like to flirt. I have fun flirting, Lana says. My boobs are all natural. They look much, much bigger because I am slim. I keep in shape with a lot of sex. I like to ride on top. That is my favorite. I like to try new things. That gets me really, really excited. Lana didnt get her tits from her family. No one is as busty as she is. I think its a secret! She did say while she was about to lay on the bed that she eats a lot of corn. Maybe thats it. No wonder corn futures are a good investment. Lets roll the video and thank you, Lana Ivans. Well see more of Lana on
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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